Your Benefits in Joining Para Community

An ample of benefits will come towards you by joining our Paradetect membership scheme. Not only you will have full access to our web services and products with special discounts and VIP treatment,

but you will also get to meet, interact and do business with all of our community members.

The idea of our membership is to link all of our members around the world. Let's take the business division aspect; by joining our members you will have access to all of who share your interest whether it is business promotion, cultural debates or simply leisure.

Paradetect is blessed with visitors from all over the continents, Indonesia and the United states of America form the bulk of our visitors for the time being, however, we are embarking on intensive marketing strategy to spread in the Arab and other European nations.

Our Emirates Liaison is already on the move in launching our activities and services in the Gulf region, and we are looking forward to hear from interested parties to represent us in Africa, India and China.

The whole idea of Paradetect is to merge spirituality and contemporary living and that is exactly what we are doing right now.

Be an early bird and join in now. Enjoy all the benefits and share the fun. Meet and interact with other Para Community members whether for business or pleasure or even both.

Start interacting with your new community and share with us the dream. Thousands of members are eager to interact and exchange your ideas and your dream.

Submit your membership request at

Para Team

Our valuable member Administrator has been with us since Mon,23 February 2009.


#4 RE: Your Benefits in Joining Para Communityadam 2013-01-16 00:27
HI Wadih,
welcome to
we hope by joining in you will enjoy the numerous benefits available to you.
feel free to contact us for any further inquiry that crosses you mind.
welcome again
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#3 educationwadih.toros 2013-01-12 07:32
plz i want to joint
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#2 RE: Your Benefits in Joining Para Communityparadetect administrator 2011-05-01 11:53
Dear Shankar,
there are 3 types of membership classic, gold and platinum, we have sent you an email of the benefits of our platinum membership card benefits which suits your profession and interest. for further info please do not hesitate contacting us at
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#1 shankar mazumdar 2011-04-14 04:42
make me member, i m from INDIA

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We offer a unique opportunity to develop and build upon personal skills and experience with hands-on client consulting, research, analysis, and fact finding in personal and work environment. The primary role of the Associate is to manage, coup and self improve daily life demands and pressures that generates from it.

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