Freud suggested that at times of anxiety provoking situation with failure to deal with it people tend to protect themselves by retreating to an earlier stage of development.

Regression is a defense mechanism amongst many that we possess as tools to help us coup with the hardships we face in our lives, though helpful at times but if addicted to it one may easily lose touch of reality and introvert to solitude.

Modern way of living is the major catalyst to regression since our specie is a sensitive one full of complexes mostly driven by the instinct of survival which kept us dominant amongst other beings that roam the surface of our planet.

Our specie is created upon a very acute balance and if this balance wobbles our mental sanity and purpose of existence may be threatened.

The balance is made out of three factors; spirituality, mind (cognitive intelligence) and body (tangible physicality).

And since spirituality is least detected and recognized by our senses “unless trained”, we were introduced to various forms of spirituality via spiritual and more advanced beings such as angels who taught it to man through prophets and messengers.

Hence the importance of spirituality in our existence and wellbeing, the crucial role of spirituality taps upon the very purpose of our sanity and is the orchestrator of our performing minds and its impact on our physical wellbeing and general health.

Maintaining this balance is of the utmost importance, and modern contemporary living pattern threatens such balance.

If we ignore the role of spirituality and neglect the danger of abandoning its practice we endanger our whole communal and social structure and we risk our achievements in human development and promote primitive behavior to spread within our dwelling habitat and environment,  we all know how contagious is primitiveness, frown faces do not attract smiling ones…

Next time you face a hardship remember to resort to a spiritual vacation instead of regressive retreat.


Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.

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