Projection is another human defense mechanism that helps people escape an unacceptable reality, by projection one tend to accuse others of his own ills or disliked qualities by ascribing them to others.

By projection one may initiate a negative thought or feeling and simply pin it on others ironically applying the do unto others as they do unto  you concept in a twisted way to become; think of others as you think they think of you interpretation…

When an individual projects, he only intends to reduce his own anxieties in an egoistic manner, and the purpose of this article is to remind ourselves to replace this urge by a more divine characteristic  with an exercise  that reverts to spirituality therefore self improve and progress in the human cause.

Since projection is a way of expression to a subconscious desire it therefore falls within the realm of thinking, Thinking is either positive or negative.

Projection falls in the negative category it therefore is under our own control.

Training ourselves to think positively of other individuals or that what surrounds our lives may stimulate and positively instigate positive responses, as I said in a previous article; a frown face does not attract a happy one…

Spirituality plays a major role in training us to think positively and give a chance to good intentions even in the nick of times; it promotes peace and contentment instead of contempt and resentment.

We need to ask ourselves a sensitive question before we start projecting, that is who do we serve most and know least in our lives, if we think carefully of the answer to this riddle we will find the answer is ourselves.

The only time we observe consciously observe ourselves is when we look into the mirror, yet even when we are looking into that mirror we do it not out of observation but rather out of service to our ego one way or the other…

Spirituality helps us ascend towards a greater and more divine role cause and when we apply such a cause the outcome will certainly be a better effect, hence is the cause and effect principal applied.

Remember next time you look into the mirror who to serve and what to observe.


Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.

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