Self Improvement

A divine journey to the inner self that begins with a dream... Are we dreamers, having a dream is the first step in the journey of an aspiration to self improvement…

A dream is what motivates strife to achieve personal goals…

Fear of rejection is our enemy, taking rejection personal is what causes us to fear failure and hesitate, and hesitation is what hinders our achievement…

Hope is what makes us consider the possibility of fulfilling our dreams.

The tools of success are the tools that guide us to better and more peaceful life.

A negative opinion of you does not make you negative.

Failure originates from giving up on a dream.

God created man and God sent prophets and messengers to guide and enlighten man to help man self improve.

I would strongly suggest reading the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad, or Jesus son of Mary teaching, I consider them to be the best reference towards self improvement, empowerment, justice and peace… in short the human aspiration to self improve…

Spirituality is the path of self improvement and the first master and guru of pure spirituality was and still is Al Khodor, known to others in different names such as Enoch or prophet Idriss.

Idriss is the Author of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The book of Enoch and several hundreds of books of wisdom and knowledge such as that written by Hermes who is also the same person.

These books among many others he wrote form the first pure source of knowledge, wisdom and true enlightenment; these are regarded to be the fountain of spirituality and the elixir of countless wisdom and divine science…

Self Improvement

Numerous suggestions and countless advice is provided by the Web, Seminars and books focusing on the importance of embracing  a change to the individual’s routines in order to begin his or her journey of self improvement.

Such suggestions encourages:
- Reading
- Learning a new thing such as a language or a hobby
- Taking a course, sharpening skills
- Exercising, meditating and similar activities to boost up ones potentials and motivates him towards self improvement.

However, most of sources fail to mention ancient theological and spiritual teachings and disregard the importance of religion in the self improvement process to avoid controversy and criticism…

Self improvement requires more than a will to change, it requires the aspiration to change prior to the will, it requires neutrality and recognition of the need to change and the consciousness of oneself and the nature, cause and effect of that proposed change, how would it start and where will it lead to.

Philosophy is rich in avenues but it lacks in practical application of the desired change.

Life is demanding and philosophy leads in many ways to losing touch with reality. A change needs to be realistic in order for it to become applicable in real life, and such change needs to be designed and tailored for the needs of each and every individual in separate means and on personal levels. In short, generalization or philosophy does not really serve its purpose in the case of human beings who differs in cognition and cultural background from another human being.

Choosing the right change comes from being able to recognize and identify which change works.

Self improvement is defined as an alteration of behavior.

The Journey of Self Improvement needs a start point , the best start would be to have an aspiring dream then set goals and time to achieve such a dream, remember that life journey starts with a dream that aspires a faithful of reaching to paradise with a time span of a duration of a life time…

Having a dream without having the tools to fulfill makes it difficult to achieve its desired results, that’s why one needs to apply some logic into ones dream to make it achievable. A realistic dream is acquired by having knowledge of the art of execution which may and can be learnt by all of us through the trial and error since we cannot generalize our principles of self improvement.

Fear of rejection is a true set back in our journey of change; in fact, fear in general is the worst enemy of our progress and self development in our Self Improvement Process.

We tend to form fear within us when we consider the rejection of others to us or to what we intend to embark upon, we fear failure so we hesitate, hesitation triggers a negative motion in our minds which generates a negative force field within our ambiance hindering our clarity in vision impacting the results of our intentions…

Hope is considered to be the initiator of dreams and the vessel that forms the channel of positive energy.

Hope makes the impossible possible because it triggers the will to start a change in our lives and try different routines.

Hope is the preparatory step to begin the journey of Self Improvement.

Self observance and researching ones needs are a must before choosing a change and it is as important to adopt flexibility and experiment on changes before committing to one.

Once one is convinced of his need to change, he or she needs to prepare a list of what to change in his routine and what to keep.

Meditation and Learning new things are of the utmost importance, studying spirituality and religion are just as important, learning from prophets is learning a profound wisdom, after all wisdom was the legacy of prophets and the precious wealth we inherited from them.

Avoid fear and practice caution, if you are to take any risk let it be calculated risk.

Remember that having a negative thought of you does not mean you are a negative person, it simply means the perception of you was negative and that can be overcome and improved once a person is aware of it…

Learn to overcome your fears…

Learn to resolve daily conflicts…

Practice on problem solving to improve your potentials…

Failure originates from giving up, would you give up on yourself and stop pursuing your dreams!

Good Luck

Adam El Masri

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#1 RE: Self ImprovementJilan Elkady 2014-11-16 19:01
A great article,giving us a boost towards self improvement...

loved the idea about the 'list'.


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