Meditation - Back to Basics

A vague title as it may sound but what would a person do when one loses his or her bearings when in an attempt to escape harshness

he or she detach or lose touch with bitter reality.

This happens frequently in this day and age. Due to disorientation, lack of resources or a loss of motivational goals we become overwhelmed with the fake demands of living and its requirements which we ourselves fabricate and consider as measures of success.

How true is it and how accurate are we in our evaluation of what is real and accessible and what is a dream we pursue or aim for is what causes us to lose our bearings.

When we try to determine our location on a digital device or even an ordinary compos the first thing we do is move our device in an infinity sign to make it function by detecting our location.

It seems that we need to do the same thing when we lose our bearing and our sense of existence.

Hence, going back to basics sounds more sensible, regression is a good exercise to start with. To benefit from the process of regression one needs to keep it positive. Though regression may sound harsh as a measurement to initiate our recapitulation on the causality of life events, but it is still crucial if we seek clarity on what is good for us and what is not so convenient.

How many of us meditate and when we meditate do we have an objectives, since most of meditational schools emphasis on clearing our minds or emptying our cup as some would say!

This is partially true, though when we empty our cops we need to consider the next phase which is finding the right pause and positive thought to focus upon during the second phase of our meditational session, and in order to achieve success and accomplish our meditational task we first need to learn how to regress in a positive manner, by temporary regression we may free our senses and freeze our material attachment to our immediate surroundings.

Our success is driven by our ability to focus on specific things in our lives, ordinary individuals tend to coup well focusing on one thought at a time, and trained individuals would manage more than one thought at a time, thought all individuals need to remember than focusing on a thought is not fulfilled until all stages of that thought are included in a form or phases, first phase would be the subject, second the approach and execution and the third is the accomplishment of the objective.

Meditation is the element of success; every achiever is a good meditator either by nature or by training and skillful accumulation of experience.

To conduct a successful meditation one needs to mentally and spirituality prepare and that is why prayers which is the tool of religious mediation are always preceded by rituals that helps devotees to prepare for their meditation and connection to the divine.

Audio visual effects are just as important to conduct successful mediations that is why they are a part of the rituals that precede any form of prayers.

The sense of smell is also important hence comes the aroma elements also included in the ritual of meditation.

Next time you meditate make sure to have your elements all ready and in order.

Good luck and may you enjoy a serene meditational session with us…

Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.


#2 RE: Meditation - Back to Basicsadam 2014-11-16 01:43
Hi Jilan,
Thank you for you kind comments.
you need to regress dear, I suggest you read the article regression found on our website
good luck with your meditation which at the end of your training would become targeted...
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#1 RE: Meditation - Back to BasicsJilan Elkady 2014-11-15 12:02
Hello Adam,

Just read your article,but was a bit confused with the regression part...did't understand while i am meditating, i need ti regret what ? and does it have to be a targeted meditation ?
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