First Step of Being a Spiritualist

Being a spiritualist is not as easy… If peace is what we seek out of spirituality, peace only exists within us if we know how to harness it.

The only way to find an unfounded peace is by accepting reality with its sweet and sour outcome and attempt to make a flowery paradise out of thick dark bushes full of predators with fatal fangs lurking in our shadows waiting to sting our very own existence with its venomous recipe of a bitter reality forged by our own fake demands and living requirements misleading us from the true essence of life and the value of living…

Due to modern living pattern humanity is losing touch with its spirituality, the more we rely on modern science and technology while discarding spirituality as a part of our existence the further we drift apart from our inner peace.

Balance is essential in spirituality and the equation to that balance must be self-content and accept the available little while seeking the better and not the more.

The balance we need to sustain works like a scale we weigh our actions and deeds with, per say positive improvements are like reducing bad weight from our shoulders whereas the inaction to improve is like accumulating bad weight upon our shoulders the more we rid ourselves of bad weight the more we improve and lighter we become making daily issues of our lives more solvable …

Balance equals neutrality.

Compartmentalization is a good way to start finding solutions to our issues…

By compartmentalizing we are actually prioritizing and this allows us to discover solutions with clarity and order.

Spirituality is an art of living harmoniously and cohesively with nature and the rest of humanity, in short; it is the oneness of humanity and nature…

Learning to do what one needs to do and not what one can do is easier said than done when we focus on the material aspects of the fetters of living.

Commercializing spirituality is a grave mistake close to being a sin, global awareness of spirituality in present days has become a trade and a career.

Spirituality cannot be secluded from our nature, it is part of our human DNA, we are all spiritual during a phase or two in our lives and we cannot condescendingly emphasis on spirituality as a dream separating it from our instinctive nature…

We exercise spirituality every night when we apply our most important ritual of living that is when we sleep. While sleeping we abandon all materialistic attachments and resort to our sleeping sanctuary which rejuvenates us and keeps us alive.

You do not need to learn to become a spiritualist or meditate on it, you simply need to return to your nature and respond to your instinct.

Self-improvement is a life journey to a destination the destination is your nature and spirituality is a crucial part of your human nature.

Will we respond to our nature is yet to be decided by us…

Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.


#4 RE: First Step of Being a Spiritualistadam 2014-11-29 06:08
Dear Jilan,
Your abundant kindness is reflected in your generous comments due to your jeweled nature.
Thank you for being part of the para community you have enriched us with your uniqueness and positive interaction please do keep participating for you have become a source of inspiration to all of us…
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+1 #3 RE: First Step of Being a SpiritualistJilan Elkady 2014-11-28 20:56
Hey Master...Such a wonderful article..Each sentence you wrote can write a book..loved each word and Each meaning...I loved it all...Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge ...We are blessed being a part of the Paradetect Community...
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#2 RE: First Step of Being a Spiritualistadam 2014-11-27 11:34
Hi Sam,
you are the man, ,keep improving bro.
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+1 #1 RE: First Step of Being a SpiritualistSam 2014-11-27 11:16
This is a great reminder to us all Adam. A great reminder to myself indeed. the key indicator that i've taken from this article is that of the scale and weighing out the bad deeds with the positive improvements. like the saying goes "there is always room for improvement"... as long as this is the case, i will keep improving my friend :)
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