The Right Choice

How to make right choices is a profound art based upon an accumulation of experience and gained wisdom. To some of us making a choice can be a hard process close to a jigsaw puzzle solving if influenced by desires…

Knowing the principle of cause and effect and applying it, knowing the laws of motion and abiding by its requirements helps in making right choices, a right choice needs to be a targeted choice, a choice for a sensible and logical reason.

I choose to do what I need to do and not what I neither can nor cannot do because my wanting should not dictate my needs and urges…..

There are thousands upon thousands of quick, instant and indirect calculations that takes place in our minds prior to making a choice and based upon such calculations and evaluation of a specific situation is what makes the difference in the nature of our choices, whenever we realize a choice is right or wrong  is usually a complicated issue to change or modify, that is why we need to take into consideration the principle of cause and effect and the laws of motion which in simple words states that what goes around comes around.

When our choice is based upon our desire and not upon our need we often tend to make the inaccurate choices to say the least. Sometimes we are lucky to have a chance to undo or change an inaccurate choice but unfortunately that is not the common trend of events.

The equation of choice making is as simple as that; when we let our desires and wants influence our drive to choose, the benefits of such choice fades away once our desire is served and our urge is fulfilled but when we base our choice on our need then not only we consume less and enjoy more freedom in choosing but we also decrease the chance of making wrong choices…

Humans generally learn from an accumulation of experience and a trial and error process therefore the less we serve our adventurous desires in our choices of life the less we enslave ourselves to our desires, therefore, the more freedom of choice we enjoy and that in essence leads to a better living, better nature and environment and better neutrality and balanced existence.

Prior to attempting to make a decision we may create our own priority list to set a connection between our conscious mind and subconscious desire to establish a link between reality and logic. This link would play a major role in our future success later in life.

Our children needs to be trained in the art of choosing at home and in school to help them surpass future setbacks and circumvent living obstacles giving them a better chance to  achieve their desired goals and play a productive role in positively contributing to their surrounding and community.

What influences a moral choice is the need leading to it and not the desire driving it.

A moral choice reveals the true caliber of an individual and his ethical background leaving a positive impact on his general behavior and communal perception.

Next time I explore my choices I will opt to fulfill a need rather than desire…

Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.


#2 RE: The Right Choiceadam 2014-12-17 08:03
Hi Jilan,
I am glad you liked the article and I am quite sure that my unique apprentice will always find a way to benefit from its content…
See you soon
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#1 RE: The Right ChoiceJilan Elkady 2014-12-17 07:45
Adam, you always flatter me with your rich articles, It is actually very informative...i kept reading the article several times to understand the difference between the 'Need' and the 'Want' and didn't even know that our decisions needs to be on 'Needs' in order not to face an regrets...Interesting xx


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