Secret of Achievement

Being an achiever in life is a blessing few people ever enjoy during a lifetime. What achievers have others do not have is

what makes the difference between the fine thread that separates failure from success.

Success is a dream that we all share and have in common whether we are wishers got stuck in an unfulfilled dream or those few who managed to materialize their dream into reality (Canons of Success).

Two main factors are what separate two types of individuals, Hope and the art of execution.

Without hope none would be able to pursue a dream and materialize it, indeed, the lack of know-how in the art of execution most attempts would simply resemble a splash of a wave breaking upon stubborn rocks of reality...

Execution involves learning from accumulated experience, learning from previous mistakes and a strong will to continue trying different methods and new ways to reach ones goal.

To become an executive needs training, practice makes perfection…perfection leads to accomplishment, therefore, achievement…

When we learn self-improvement we need to learn to observe ourselves and monitor our actions and what it leads us to in life…

Execution needs a clear vision of what is in mind and what it entails, emphasizing on the:

- Cause and effect factor and positive thinking
- A proper well thought of plan aimed on a target to achieve
- A strong and determined will to accomplish what the individual is set out to do
- A strategy how to approach a target and which route to begin with in the initiation attempt
- Need to achieve

Positive thinking is another word for Hope. Hope is what makes the difference between those who persist and others who give up…

Most of self-improvement courses emphasis on improvement and positive thinking failing to address the techniques involved in application which makes the difference in life.

Spirituality becomes rough when chosen as an escape route from harsh reality.

Meditation becomes dull and boring when misunderstood of being but a tool of relaxation.

Self-improvement becomes an illusion when restricted to finding ultimate peace and total happiness as a goal found only in movies!

The process of learning how to become an executive is easier said for it involves huge personal effort and tremendous determination to fulfill which comes only with the need to accomplish and not the want to...

Wanting will most likely fail the individual in his attempts whereas need drive us to give our best and keep on trying until we complete our mission or assignment…

Next time one embarks on a worth achieving project one needs to prepare a list of priorities, overall aim, needs and options and methods of approach.

Last but not least, Luck…

Though, luck is often mistaken by associating it with the end results rather than the taking the right choice.

One is lucky when one chooses the right target based upon calculated arithmetic of type, time factor, and method of approach.

Whenever we fail it is only because we have miscalculated or ignored the missing link that leads us to success and makes us the achievers we all seek to become.

Good Luck

Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.


#1 RE: Secret of AchievementJilan Elkady 2015-01-04 20:21
A very informative article...loved it all specially the 'luck' part which most of us do not understand it properly...


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