Stardust of Energy

Energy is a property of objects, transferable among them via fundamental interaction, which can be converted into different forms but not created or destroyed.

In the case of human or living beings, energy is the properties of our physical, spiritual and mental form transferable through our bodies in a process of cycling and recycling such energy into a higher form enabling it to reunite at a final stage of purification with the source of the original prime energy that formed the cosmos with its complex multiverse structure.

If energy is theoretically generated by the formation of giant stars which generates light and illuminate the skies that makes us the stardust of the stars and makes the origin of our energy part of the universe.

We consist of three types of energy: positive, negative and neutrality.

What are positive energy, negative energy and neutrality?

Positive energy is an energy generated by the soul.

Negative energy is generated by the Ka "Kareen".

Neutrality is generated by the mind and the sense of logic.

Energy needs motion and gravity to generate light, what creates motion and gravity is the continuous collision between our positive and negative energies which is administrated and managed by our neutral polarity.

In general the cause of our energy variation is influenced by our emotions...

Love, contentment, devotion, loyalty and egoless self may generate positive energy; hate, discontentment, ignorance, disloyalty and selfishness may promote negative energy; our minds and sense of logic is what keeps the balance and preserve our human sanity...

Our lives become meaningless without an aim; spirituality which is the administrator of our energy teaches us to aim high towards the divine which created and formed us through a process of evolution of a progressive accumulation of ongoing experiences attained by our existence in this phase of our earthly lives...

We are in nature connected to the divine through our spirituality and in-order to generate quality energy benefitting ourselves and our environment we need to develop our spirituality bringing it up to the required level of divinity. In short we need to aim up high by talking the talk followed by walking the walk.

There is a huge difference between living a dream and bringing it to life, seeing part of the universe through a Hubble doesn't mean reaching it, not mentioning the fact that what we see through a telescope is nothing more than a mere reflection of how it was millions of light years away in its past...

Next time we pierce a look sneaking into the constellations of the stars let's not forget that we are just a tiny part of the stardust of this awesome universe...


Adam El Masri

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