The Art of Problem Solving

Common human mistake is to focus on thinking of the negative impact a problem may cause, this would result in blocking the mind from thinking of any solution,

the mind becomes imprisoned by the negative thought preventing it from looking at the cause of a problem from different perspectives, learn from previous mistakes after analyzing the problem, study the probabilities available and pursuit an appropriate solution.

It is the nature of our minds to search for solutions to our problems and try to find solution to overcome the obstacles that faces us in our lives and that is how the mind evolves from generation to generation, by learning from trial and error and embedding solution in our DNA then transmitting it to a new generation through our genes.

Every problem we solve becomes very unlikely to repeat itself with our offspring, yet the problems we fail to solve would have good chance to repeat itself with our future generations hence a butterfly effect…

The first thing we need to think of when we face a problem is to think of its cause and search for solutions instead of occupying our minds with negatively thinking of its immediate impact on our livelihood.

Thinking positively is a pattern of behavior and thought and it comes by learning logical thinking, targeted upbringing and aimed education.

Failing to learn how to think positively may lead to bad luck or depression even failure in life.

Meditation is one of the best tools available to find solutions to our problems, yet meditation is an art, and unless we apply the same concept of positive thinking meditation would become a problem in itself, the side effect of wrong meditation may lead to reduction of sense of reality and increase of limitation to awareness of our own and immediate reality…

Second best method to solve a problem is to try to find a qualified trust worthy source to share the problem with, even if such source cannot provide an immediate solution for the problem it is enough to share it out loud to create more awareness in our conscious mind and this would be a good catalyst to find solutions for the problem.

Next time we have a problem let us keep positive, avoid panic and not surrender.

Problems in our lives are inevitable just as much as finding solutions for it that is the norm of the human mind.

Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.

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