Canons of Success

Success is a dictionary in itself, it varies in measure based upon individual feats and achievements hence the term the “measure of success”…

However, and no matter what measures of success one applies, it will always rely on the basic canons to attain it. Those canons where not invented by philosophers or theologians, but rather embedded in every faith and creed conveyed to man ever since our kind journeyed into life on this planet…

The Emerald Tablets is regarded to be one of the earliest sources available to have mentioned it extensively and promoted its importance relating it to countless wisdom while associating it with ultimate enlightenment.

Three Canons are regarded to be the tools of our survival on what in reality is a harsh environment full of dangers whether from other beings coexisting with man, or viruses and bacteria which in term is the cause why we sustain life on this planet…

The Canons are:

- Cause and Effect
- Motion
- Space and Time

Those of us who are lucky enough to learn how to apply the three above mentioned Canons through their life experience will definitely experience a great measure of success determined upon the accuracy their personal evaluation and basic calculation prior to the intended attempts, but above all they will achieve what we all subconsciously seek that is the inner peace within…

Ancient teachings and schools of behavior revealed to man the instructions and guidelines required implementing, and by doing so promised man great benefits in return but above all, ancient wisdom promised us countless benefits and desired success.

The inner peace that we all seek and few of us find in a life experience.

That is because our consuming demands and greed for ever increasing possessiveness blurred our vision and limited our comprehension of the true purpose of life within this earthly phase of our eternal existence.

Cause and Effect; this is the basic stimuli of wisdom within the realm of sub consciousness and by appropriate application one avoids major mishaps and setback in a life time cycle bringing us closer towards peaceful and more predictable living.

The cause we initiate will defiantly determine the effect we yield whether we intentionally commit to it or unintentionally surrender to it…

Motion; A Cause needs an act or an action and to effect there must be motion and motion is meant to describe the behavior, conduct and attitude of mankind, the behavior may be expressed in physical manner or thinking patterns.

Space and Time; a cause is directly affected by the Time and Space Factor, hence the term at the right place and the right time is commonly used to achieve success…

By applying such canons of success on all levels of our lives whether humanitarian or political we may all achieve more peaceful results and bring more benefits to our socio/ethnical differences.  It may also further enhance our foresight, sharpened our predictive sense and grant us a finer wisdom leading us toward improving the human factor in us.

Unity of man may stimulate unity of mind, body and soul thus inner peace therefore unlimited success.


Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.

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