Stress/Anger Management

The majority of us experience a stressful situation that may lead us to anger at one stage of our lives.

Whether it is at home or at work, what is inevitable is a certain stressful encounter every now and then.

What we are going to scrutinize in this article is the exaggeration of the media on this topic for a commercial motive to promote ways, methods and drugs to deal with anger…

Who of us does not get angry?  Obviously None…

Is that so bad or dangerous for our health?  NO, not really…

What is the problem then?

Well, it is very natural to get angry, infact it is healthy to get angry, anger may play an effective role in motivating us to survive risky situation or overcome obstacles and accomplish hard assignments.

Controlled anger associated with an appropriate and containable body language may assist us in sending the right message to those ill mannered or corrupt opponents or associates who would not be deterred from taking advantage of our expressed understanding in many tricky situations.

Imagine, a nation gets angry from another nation, declares war against them before even expressing their anger…

So, anger is ok in my book.

However, what needs to be agreed upon in this case is the body language that is usually associated with anger, and the method used to express one’s anger.  Now, that is something we people really need to debate and come up with a mutual understanding on how and when we can resort to anger to resolve our issues.

When we become angry we are usually wronged with, offended and somewhat abused by an oppressor or an ignorant associate failing to comply with the common code of ethics that should dictate our social coherence.

It is crucial to educate parents how to raise their children appropriately, it is because of negligent upbringing some of us become used to exercising oppressive nature with others.

It is even more crucial to educate teachers at school how to be neutral and democratic giving space to all students to freely express their thoughts and share their concerns with their teachers.

But above all, it is of the utmost importance to make sure those business leaders, managers and supervisors to learn to adhere to the human rights laws and offer a fair chance to their employees to express their opinions freely without the fear of a backlash which may affect their only source of income and livelihood.

As for politicians and rulers it is an issue with those who elect them and appoint them to the offices they occupy to present communities and nations. This is where I say  your voice certainly counts, be sure who you appoint to present you and make sure to protest whenever you feel you have been misrepresented and your voice have been misused.

Spirituality and religion are the best known ancient methods to offer a common code of ethics to conduct our lives evenly and fairly.

When we practice spirituality and apply it as a living concept in our daily affairs we will achieve the best level of harmony and cohesiveness in our communities.

That is what motivates us to invite everybody to try and implement our method and our Paradetect attitude which merges spirituality with contemporary life to reach the divine part of humanity in every one of us and therefore reach our inner peace…

Spirituality practice is the best method to control stress and contain anger, and by spiritual application one may find himself of no need to lose ones tempers and become uncontrollably angry.

We hope you enjoyed this article but if you still feel you are an angry individual then your best solution is to take our energy healing crash course to help you improve your self control and reach your inner peace.


Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.


#1 RE: Stress/Anger ManagementJilan Elkady 2014-11-16 19:08
:-) The course definitely helped me a lot to have control over my anger...results are so clear to everyone around me.

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