I Resign

A phrase often used when things doesn’t go ones way, especially when we feel our liberty is targeted and we are chased out by our superiors

due to a dispute or a conflict of interest or simply lack of chemistry in the work place or we might even experience this at a much earlier stage of our lives in schools and colleges.

Who do we turn too when our liberty or self esteem is abused when our sense of security is molested and negative thoughts suddenly crowd our mental clarity…

School bullying is very common everywhere, yet there is no serious attempt to leash it or even try to minimize its impact among students of elementary or secondary schools. This problem needs to be addressed on the national and international level for the sake of future generation’s socio/psychological health and stability.

A minimum of five percent of children and teenagers are subjected to such abuse at least once in their life. Many of them experience a dramatic decrease of interest in continuation of schooling and education due to this mishap, many more carry some sort of bitter memory from this not mentioning those who experience severe bullying may in fact suffer more serious consequences leaving them with a major behavioral disorder which might be of a hostile nature leading to serious crimes in schools and at a later stage at work, at homes or within their communities.

Our schools and colleges should create special monitoring boards and committees with a clear mandate authorizing its members to act accordingly in preventing bullying, where as work places would need to appoint a neutral post to deal with such issues, such post would need to be strict in confidentiality matters with specific mandate to resolve disputes fairly regardless of status and identity of disputed parties in a non bias manner.

Unions can play a pivotal role in the formation of such posts, but in many countries unions are not so strong to enforce such a change and this problem is even harder to tackle when it comes to government sectors especially in the developing world where politics and favorism tend to play an influential role in determining who climbs the ladder and who gets to resign regardless of right and wrong…

Now ask yourself a question, would you have ever thought of this without pre-sensing an element of danger in your work place!

We have no intention of changing the world we only wish to make it a better world to live in, a world with more just set of rules to accommodate the meek and the week alike…

Having that said; one needs to keep in mind that present day solutions may cost a life time savings to settle any similar disputes in courts and in developing countries this option is not even available which may mean an early retirement or even a loss of pension for those who dare to complain or oppose work place tyranny, therefore, the I resign will be the only option left for them to take.

Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.

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