Yes We Can

It is pure joy to share with our members the wonderfully positive feedback we are getting from our recent graduates of the crash energy healing course we ran in Dubai late December of last year.

It is truly amazing how simple it is for us to change our way of living and achieve the needed metamorphosis which will eventually lead us to the right path for humanity the path of light and inner peace.

Our new graduates are so happy with the new knowledge they acquired during the energy healing crash course and they shared with us their new experience assuring us of the tangible mental, spiritual and physical change they have accomplished after they started applying what they learnt  from gains which is giving them great joy and sense of satisfaction.

Our apprentice took the crash course out of sheer curiosity and had no idea what impact it would cause on their daily lives, well they ended up becoming very active energy healers being sought by family members , then friends then total strangers recommended to them by mutual friends, and that is how it goes…

The apprentice where at first very hesitant in applying their training and putting it into use, they started applying what learnt on their family members, then friends overheard about it and the word spread all over their close community, fiends started approaching to investigate that new thing the apprentice were cooking and things became more serious to the apprentice, they reluctantly called paradetect seeking encouragement, confused and very unsure they were, questioning if they can really help healing other by applying what they learnt  and we assured them that trying will not hurt, for our method is drug free so what harm may it cause!.

After a while we started receiving daily calls from our new energy healers updating us with the success they have been enjoying by healing others and helping bring a better change into their lives.

One of our new energy healers called Mrs. A. F. she said: Hi, I got back from Greece this week and I have some news I want to share with you.

while I was in Greece I met with a famous psychic for a personal consultancy. After the psychic found out I was into energy healing she asked me if I can help her with a severe damage in her right arm which left her unable to use it, she simply couldn’t write any longer and it was an old damage.

I called paradetect asking if it is ok to try the healing techniques I learnt and I was encouraged to do so with no hesitation, so I decided I will give it a try with the Greek psychic and see how things will go.

To my astonishment and after I gave the Psychic one session we (I and those attending) were all surprised from the immediate results of improvement to the arm and the psychic insisted that I would give her another session before I leave Greece, I called paradetect to share my success and they further encouraged me to go ahead with the other session which I ended up giving, after that the psychic was able to write again and was very grateful to me.

My second encounter was with a friend after I came back from Greece, I was approached by a friend of a friend who was suffering from serious health problems deterring her from leading a normal life, I called paradetect again consulting with them, hesitant and not sure whether what is happening with me is real or is it just an imagination, I really needed to know that I am not hallucinating. Encouraged by paradetect I gave the friend of a friend a session and again the results were unbelievable, she felt an immediate improvement in her health and I couldn’t believe the outcome.

I am still helping people in the energy healing I have learnt and I am so happy with the change in my life.

The course really brought positive change into my life and increased myself worth and sense of belonging to a new reality with a new perspective the paradetect perspective and the paradetect attitude.

Samia is our paradetect liaison in the UAE and she is now very active in the energy healing in Dubai, Samia is very busy helping other to heal and happy that she has a spiritual value added to her life.

Samia is helping many women to foster the paradetect metamorphosis and we hope that you too will.

So, can we really change and can we really energy heal?

Yes we can.


Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.

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