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Paradetect developed recently a method of energy healing that tends to merge several arts and techniques together to ensure best possible results for the client.

We use the generation of bio energy healing technique and we apply basic mental and physiotherapy to make sure that the client is in the right perceptive mode to cooperate with us for better healing results.

Even though, it is a must for the healer to be neutral, yet in some cases a healer must comprehend the emotion and mental state of the client who might be suffering from ailments that resulted in depression be it mild or sever…

Being sympathetic with the client sometimes serves its purposes as long as the healer avoids getting personally involved, though this is easily said and very delicately achieved due to variation in individual’s perception due to varied cultural and traditional influences which normally affects the reactions and responses of clients to such involvement.

Western mentality tend to take things less personal and western individuals in general are less possessive and less emotionally demanding, that is why ordinary psychological approach may serve with them just as well. But when we are to apply such concept in the east it may prove to be less effective. Eastern cultural upbringing promotes more inwardness and stricter discretion when it comes to sharing personal details…

Dealing with human beings in general is never easy and whichever method ones develop there will always be side effects depending on the individual intended to heal. Take medicines for instance, not all medicines work the way intended and not all patients respond to medication in similar manner, many famous medicinal brands are even withdrawn from the market after years of production due to discovering serious side effects entailed from prescribing them.

Luckily, energy healing does not involve intakes of any kind of medications, natural bio energy and talk therapy, trust and faith are the core of energy healing.

Though we should never over estimate the effectiveness of energy healing and we need much more research to reach a more satisfactory answers to many lingering questions regarding such type of healing, we also need not to under estimate the physical, emotional and mental motivational force that is provided by such methods, taking into consideration that much more is needed in developing this new/old technique of human innovation.

It is fit to mention the ancient Chinese acupuncture or acupressure which is considered to be an ancient and traditional medicinal treatment in China yet only recently been admitted as effective in some western countries, thought effective to many, yet not so effective to others…

Paradetect will continue to research this intriguing field of healing and will strive to find more satisfying answers for us to benefit from.

We sincerely invite medical practitioners and psychologist from all specialties and expertise to join the spiritualist efforts in researching energy healing in more academic and professional manner so that we may help providing a better and more academic approach to energy healing.

Last but not least, we encourage those interested in the subject be it those seeking energy healing assistance or those carrying a research to improve their wellbeing, we encourage both to adhere to the neutrality principles and ethics related to the emotional involvement that may cause distress or disappointment therefore effecting the outcome of the healing sessions.

When one is in need of assistance one may easily become attached to what he/she may consider a source of comfort, similar to the patient/nurse or patient/doctor relationship, though it is inevitable in most cases, yet it is smoothly overcome once the treatment or in this case the healing is done. It is preferable to use the word healing and not treatment because no one should claim to be able to treat a patient unless he is a medical doctor or a qualified therapist to avoid any legal impediments that may hinder future research and progress in this vague field of study which the majority of people still consider as related to the supernatural or paranormal category. Having mentioned that; we need to admit that no solution is ever good enough for everyone, there will always be dissatisfaction sometimes rightly so and some other times derived by personal motives and sheer ignorance to the fact that human evaluation and perception of success is based upon varied levels of acceptance influenced by accumulated life experience, culture and traditions.

Good luck to all those who are searching for a satisfying answer and the best of health and self healing to those in need.

Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.

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