Positive Thinking

What is positive thinking and how can one achieve a positive state of mind is what spirituality is all about.

Spirituality and religion are specifically introduced to us so that our specie may learn how to coup with the ills we are subjected to while we pursue our daily life events, requirements and demands.

The teachings of prophets and ancient scholars were aimed at one thing and one thing only, helping humanity to reach and maintain a positive state of mind by containing difficulties and hardships through positive acceptance of what does not kill us may only strengthen our resilience, through faith, hope and a belief of better things to follow…

Positive thinking and positive state of mind is the best self healing process for man, it is what helps us recover from common ailments such as stress, anger, and other serious symptoms such as cardiovascular related diseases that are so commonly occurring in this age and time due to what life entails from higher demand on acquisition of material means to survive in this ever increasing materialistic world.

To keep it short, happy and contempt people tend to live longer and healthier…

The nature of positive thinking comes from positive early upbringing in life, our parents and school teachers helps us train our minds to look at the full half of the cup instead of worrying about the empty half.

Positivity is related to personal achievement and a hope of improving results therefore progress…

The way we look at puzzles of life and how we solve them is the outcome of our perception of what we face and what we need to do to contain and overcome such obstacles.

Hope for the better will promote the better to come, fear of the worst will hinder the better from coming if not deter it all together.

Since positive thinking is a state of mind it is therefore contagious, thus positive thoughts are infectious.

Think positive and you will enjoy a better and more relaxed mental and physical state of your health.

Look at the bright side they say; well, how true that is, because we are advanced beings amongst thousands of other species sharing this earth with us, we bear the brunt preserving and maintaining the delicate balance that keeps our planet habitable, our positive thinking will result in maintaining healthier living for us and healthier environment for our planet.

As for how to achieve the state of positive thinking and maintain its momentum allowing it to reflect on our lives and positively impact our wellbeing is something to be trained for…

We need to train our minds to become positive thinkers, talking positively to oneself is a good start to do so, reflecting and meditating or praying is another effective exercise in addition to light sports and useful hobbies…

Haven’t we heard of the term, if one only believes strongly enough one can do miracles? Well, that is an expression that promotes positive thinking and positive state of mind and there are hundreds of terms and phrases of verbal and physical expressions that we often tell ourselves to help us get by in our daily duties and overcome our daily difficulties.

Positive thinking generates good intentions, good intentions generates healthier wellbeing and smoother process of living.

The other crucial thing that we need to get used to refer to in our lives is reducing our materialistic demands and focusing on what is healthier and better for us to attain rather than what is more and bigger. A one quality thing or a quality time is much more precious than quantity driven minds and pattern of behavior.

Thoughts and ideas do have a form, though this form is not defined scientifically yet, nevertheless, that thoughts and ideas generated by the mind do have a non physical form and not very far from now we will find a way to easily identify them and recognize their status in a more tangible and scientific manner.

When we think of anything or process any idea we actually create consciousness and we also create a chemical reaction fused by electromagnetic/static flux which feeds our neuron complexed mind system, in fact our brain produces the very essence of its own energy, the electromagnetic energy and this is still only the beginning of what we began to understand of how our minds work.

Positive thinking radiate healthy EMF pulses producing healthy chemical reaction described as the right frame of mind for better living.

Miracles are made when it is thought of in the right and positive state of mind.

Imagine a pool of still waters when you throw a stone in it, it causes a swirl in the water, it is the same when you emit a negative thought into your atmosphere you simply create a thought swirl disturbing your atmosphere and unsettling your emotional surroundings, the emotional reaction is what detects the thought in its early stages, we simply express this as I felt it, or I had a bad feeling and so on and so forth.

During research on Aura we at paradetect were able to detect variable changes in the Aura colors in positive or negative state of minds with clients using our Aura imaging facilities.

When an individual is stressed and anxious the colors of one’s Aura becomes red, like wise when he/she are suffering from any physical ailment or pain.  Whereas the relaxed and positive state of mind resulted in colors varying from blue and green similar to a meditative and calm state of mind.

We are sensitive and delicate creatures and we are physically ranked amongst the weakest and less equipped creatures on earth survival wise, our minds and our unique intelligence to overcome obstacles and problem solving potentials is what makes us the masters of this planet, and in order to preserve our species dominance we need to keep positive thinking about a better future that may lie ahead.

Keep star gazing and share your positive thoughts you encourage positive thinking to spread in your surroundings. It is even believed that if one shares a nightmare one increases the possibility of experiencing its negative impact in real life, and the opposites applies…

Be positive and keep looking at the bright side

Good luck

Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.

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