Beginning of perpetual journey… He is the seventh generation of Adam, the son of Jared and father to methuselah. It is said he was raised up in Babylon

and at the age of forty he acquired his initiation into the realm of Prophethood, a messenger he preached the word of God and when God ascended him to meet he asked to become the teacher of man and his wish was fulfilled.

He taught man all arts and sciences and he was the first to hold a pen and write, he is the first of three (Elijah second and Muhammad third) among the children of Adam to ascend. He is known by many names in each culture and every tongue uttered by Man.

An enigmatic character from our past, present and a future yet to pass, in Babylon he was known as Enoch who walked with God, then he was instructed by God to move to the land of the Nile where he was known by the name of Thoth, for ancient Greece he was Hermes, for the Jews and the Christians he was Melchizedek, for later Christians he was saint George the dragon slayer, for medieval Europe he was Merlin the grand magician but for Muslims he is Idriss also known as Al Khodor (the Green), the name Idriss is a derivative of the Grand Teacher, an author of hundreds of books most famous of it are the Book of Enoch, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth or the Tablets of Hermes.

Al Khodor the dragon slayer(dragon for the antichrist), it is foretold that he will confront the antichrist in future time and reveal his true identity to the world, when the antichrist threaten to kill him unless he pronounce his faith in him and accept him as his god, Al Khodor refuses, the antichrist kills him then resurrect him and repeat his request but Al Khodor refuses again and challenges the antichrist to kill him one more time if capable, when the antichrist attempt to kill him the second time he fails and the journey of the beasts demise begins, the antichrist flees to Palestine, chased by the Son of man (the awaited Masaya as foretold by Enoch) Jesus who ends the beast defamed journey once and for all.

Enoch or Thoth is the only known human to have been granted eternity by the Creator.

Thoth the Master of Astral travel and time bending space explorer of all times, it is told that his resting location is in the fourth sky where he was seen by Prophet Mohamed. It is also told that he taught prophets and educated them it is also believed that he is the teacher of holy men wisdom and spirituality…

He revealed many great secrets in his Emerald Tablets and the Book of Enoch some of which (The Parables) presents great controversies among scholars and theologians till today. He referred to the Masaya as the Son of Man.

He was mentioned in the old and the New Testament and in the Holy Quran, revered by all nations and across the span of space and time he is the Master of spirituality, wisdom and science and a man with countless attributes who is more than a man.

A lifetime is required to study his quotes from the Emerald Tablets and the Book of Enoch one cannot stress enough on the importance of such rare manuscripts which also hold within its contexts many similarities with other holy manuscripts.

Both books are a must to read and they are available on our website in English and Arabic and there is the deciphering of the Emerald Tablets to help fathom its wisdom.

If you are in pursuit of self-improvement, Enoch is what need to help you take your leap towards wisdom and inner peace.


Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.

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