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Our Spiritual Resort aims to educate people in observing nature and preserving it, protecting its resources and adapting to its ways without hampering or attempting to alter its course of progress as time idly goes by.

At paradetect.com we intend to present a new way of living by inviting tourist travelers and spiritual seekers to change their methods of traveling, balanced way of living and concepts of having fun under the sun.

We aim to make available other ways and methods that would teach how to gain inner peace, self improvement and preserve nature.

Our spiritual campers will be offered a new way of having fun.

Through meditation, bush walk, and paranormal detection they will be helping us to investigate anomalies in remote places, mountains with breathtaking scenery, deserts with magical night skies and gazing at the twilight, or just simply getting lost in an endless horizon of mystical dreams. Or an endless shore of crystal sand in far away islands untouched lying to be discovered on an uncharted course behind the surfing waves ridden by humping whales and dolphins whispering magical spells to your ears.

You will be taught how to live by the land and adapt to it instead of consuming and dumping more wastes in its soils, you will be taught how to preserve your positive thoughts and attitudes to life and not exhaust everything that comes your way including your mental and spiritual health and state of mind.

You will simply learn how to perceive nature the ancient way away from polluted thoughts and activities.

You will be offered a chance to experience spiritual healing and will be able to take advantage of ancient knowledge and advance yourself towards becoming a better and less harmful human to your planet and whatever lives on or dwells within it.

Contact us for further information and details on how to invest with us at info@paradetect.com

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