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Our Mission at Paradetect is to help individuals discover and develop their natural gifts for self-improvement and healing;

motivating them to carry such gifts out into the community and become a contributor in public health and prosperity.

Our Program...

We offer a convenient flexible modular system of energy healing training. The program consists of fourteen days modules as a crash course, in addition to optional healing events and classes covering various subjects of healing.

Our curriculum is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced health-care professionals.  In our classes, we emphasize hands-on energy healing, the development of full sensory perception, opening to genuine spiritual guidance, deep exploration of the psychological processes of the self-perception (defense systems), and understanding the structure and function of the human energy field.

The art and science of energy healing is studied through:

The practice of techniques in group and partner form
Experiential exercises for skill development
Guided meditations
Music and motion
Lectures and support groups
Therapeutic exercises for personal growth

Paradetect was founded in 2009

Our program consists of in-depth classes, from theory to practical application, lead to uncovering the essence of each student's personal healing talents and potentials.

The Ascent Program:

Day 1: An Introduction to Bio Energy and the concept of Holistic/Energy Healing.

In day 1 we study the two related articles posted on our website:
1- Holistic Healing (read the article).
2- Reintroducing Energy Healing (read the article).

The two articles are a must to study and debate for anyone interested to further improve knowledge related to Bio Energy and its Healing Techniques.

Day 2: Program Orientation followed by explanation of techniques, its implementation and benefits.

Techniques to sharpen the senses: Senses are five, thought each with a parallel extra sense associated with it (read our Senses article).

Day 3: Breathing Technique - Breathing is the Core Moderator of bio energy (read Breathing Techniques article).

The breathing Technique consists of:
Standing position    3 moves
Sitting position         3 moves
Flower position        3 moves

Day 4: Walking Technique - consists of training on the proper walk (read Walking Technique article).

Walking proper is crucial for our health and wellbeing; it is the instrument that pumps blood to our hearts lubricates our muscles and alert our nervous system that keeps our senses sharp.

Day 5: Hearing Technique

Training aimed to improve hearing and listening to sounds and recognizing its source (read the Hearing Technique article).

Day 6: Seeing Technique - this training is to enable the participant to see the aura/energy surrounding objects (read Seeing Technique article).

-Exercise in energy quantifying
-Visualization of movement prior to making a move
-Moving the finger using mind over matter without using muscles.

Day 7: Touching Technique

Consists of training to enable the participants to sense the surrounding energy and distinguish its variance in temperature and density (read Touching Technique article), Heart beat sensing using the palm and fingers of the participant.

Day 8: Tasting Technique (read the article).

With the properly tuned tasting sense one can learn to taste all sorts of things from the air helping him to recognize the source of what is tasted…

Smelling Technique: (read Smelling Technique article), smelling is similar to tasting; with a proper use of our smelling sense we can also recognize all sorts of things we smell in our surroundings.

Energy Generation Technique: Meditation posture for heart beat control and energy sensing

Day 9: Sleeping Pattern (read Sleeping Pattern article)

We learn how to charge positive and discharge negative energies during our sleep, and we learn how to reach beyond our three dimensional sphere to learn how to attain a higher form of energy as well…

The benefits of Fasting (read Fasting article) and its relevance to Trance (read Trance article) as a tool to self heal and heal others, through Trance we can induce positive thinking(read Induction article), therefore, positive energy…

Recap, Revision, and Energy Generating Training

Apprentice is successful to generate her/his own bio energy based upon description of personal experience.

The source of bio energy is detected in palms and other surrounding objects.

Apprentice feeling indicates that bio energy is increasing as focus is improved leaving a positive effect on with breathing technique.

Focusing on the axis of the palms whiling detecting the energy, moving it like a plasma/electromagnetic ball, then pressuring and condensing the energy ball within the palms till it is obviously and in an advanced level even visually seen.

The following training is sensing and detecting the water energy from a bottle.

This is because; as breathing is regarded to be the motion needed to acquire energy water is the best source of pure and clean energy.

-visualization of movement prior to making a move
-moving the finger using mind over matter without using muscles.

Day 10:

Conclusion: (read Conclusion article), Ascent benefit and how to utilize your newly acquired knowledge.

Revision of all information and exercises previously taken and perfection of technique training…

Drawing energy from the Elements starting with water, soil, wind and fire…

Revision and training on all previous techniques

Scanning technique, revision of the rest of techniques and application

Snap brief on consumption issues (read Consumption Issues article)

All phases of the energy healing crash course are completed successfully by apprentice

Ascent Energy Healing can help in healing:

Depression, Chemical imbalance, migraine headaches, panic attacks, muscle cramps, pain relief and an abundance of other ailments.

Ascent helps in anger management and self-control, sustainability, longevity and wellbeing…

Ascent is an alteration of an ailing pattern of behavior, (read Pattern of Behavior article) and fierce source of motivation towards achievements and goals fulfillment.

Ascent is highly recommended for individuals and groups for self-improvement and better performance at home or at work.

Graduation and certificate ceremony will follow.

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The primary purpose of Paradetect is to provide access (by means of training and consultation) to individuals and motivate them to improve their personal and professional performance, adapt with their work environment and self improve their life style.

We offer a unique opportunity to develop and build upon personal skills and experience with hands-on client consulting, research, analysis, and fact finding in personal and work environment. The primary role of the Associate is to manage, coup and self improve daily life demands and pressures that generates from it.

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