Auraiel Xwrinkles Cream

Xwrinkles cream for oily acne prone skin is also an anti-aging skin extracted from first grade therapeutic essential oils that helps preserving healthy skin

With Xwrinkles cream essential oils mix your skin will rejuvenate and self-repair riding you from sink rash, acne, eczema and black circles around the eyes

Xwrinkles has whitening quality also helps as sun block protecting your face from the hazardous and harmful sun rays


For dry skin there is Xwrinkles Dry which moisturizes skin while repairing it as mentioned above

Simply wash your face and dip your finger in the Xwrinkles jar one to two dips then spread it on your face and around your eyes


Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond oils mixed with Auraiel recipe to offer you the benefits of essential oils magic

still under development

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