Auraiel Hair Therapy

It is the age of organic awareness and Auraiel positioned itself in its core by developing new organic beauty bar concept that cares for your skin relying on pure mix of therapeutic grade essential oils which really works.

We care about what you spread over your skin just as much as you do.

When we introduced our first beauty bar the Auraiel classic bar it worked miracles and the feedback from the consumers was surprising even to our fair expectation. That motivated us to introduce more types of our beauty bars each with unique and different more specialized and more specific characteristics to meet the need of our demanding customers.

Now, we are glad to announce our new Auraiel beauty bar. THE AURAIEL HAIR CARE, this bar has the very best essential oils mixture which is known to address most of major problems related to hair such as: 

-    Hair fall    Dandruffs   
-    Lack of volume        
-    Dray and brittle hair   
-    Split ends    
-    Flaky scalp   
-    Dull hair   
-    Frizzy hair   
-    Chlorine damage   
-    Sun burn

Some of the oils it contains are: Nettle, Horse tail, rosemary and tea tree alone with several other oils to make Auraiel hair care beauty bar so unique that we dare to claim it’s the first of its kind in the international market.

We recommend the new Auraiel beauty bar to everyone whether to treat or to prevent hair problems.

Auraiel hair care beauty bar is now available in the market.

You can order it online or place your inquiry and location and we will suggest to you how to obtain it.

Try it now and send us your comments.

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Auraiel Really Heals

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