Face Lifting & Facial Cleansing

A new Paradetect services is performed successfully at our new Centers "Face Lifting, Facial Cleansing and Botox" without anything else but our own Para Energy technique.

So what are you waiting for!

Have a wrinkle free shining and healthy face and learn more how to maintain it at home by using our essential oils combination and energy technique.

Five sessions of Para energy healing were more than enough to change the facial image of a 41 years old young woman who was more than satisfied with her new look.

This incredible result encourages us to invite more people to try our new technique for Face Lifting, Facial Cleansing and Botox free of any poisonous chemicals and what entails from using it.

One hundred percent natural technique that works wonders at very affordable fees.

Try our unique technique which is the only one available in the world as far as we know.

For further information and booking contact us at info@auraiel.com


Our valuable member Administrator has been with us since Mon,23 February 2009.

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The primary purpose of Paradetect is to provide access (by means of training and consultation) to individuals and motivate them to improve their personal and professional performance, adapt with their work environment and self improve their life style.

We offer a unique opportunity to develop and build upon personal skills and experience with hands-on client consulting, research, analysis, and fact finding in personal and work environment. The primary role of the Associate is to manage, coup and self improve daily life demands and pressures that generates from it.

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