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Auraiel Slimming Oil...  A Mixture of pure organic essential oils with our secret recipes to help rid you off unwanted body fat.

With our awesome Auraiel Slimming Oil… At Paradetect we research and we explore the para and beyond the common and that’s how we got our name.

For the last year we have been working on a special massage oil formula that combines the detoxifying benefits of invigorating bio organic essential oil to enhance the results of our weight loss program.

This innovation is a special mixture of herbal oils and extracts to speed up the process of burning the unwanted old fat in the legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and arms.

Rubbing our slimming oil on the body will show an immediate increase of perspiration expelling fat from skin glands while improving skin tissue and acting as an anti cellulite agent at the same time.

We have been experimenting on our slimming oil for a year involving our weight loss program attending clients who expressed total satisfaction with the results.

Our weigh loss program includes stimulating the fat burning hormones to function more efficiently by applying our Paradetect energy healing technique.

If you are having over weight issues and would like to get rid of the access weight but you do not know how, we recommend you try our slimming oil.

Method of use:

Ten minutes physical exercise followed by vigorous rubbing of the oil on wanted area such as abdomen, thighs or buttocks, when applying the oil on the abdomen area make sure to massage the oil below the navel and above the Pubis to improve diuresis.

You can also use this oil for body massages, it helps in relieving tension and stress, it relaxes your body and smoothes your skin and makes it tighter.

Apply 10 ml of the slimming oil by massaging on the fatty area for ten minutes.

You will notice how it successfully reduces the fat and tightens your skin.

There is a soothing aroma that comes out of it and it is not greasy to use.

Function: our slimming oil works on breaking down stubborn old fat produced by cellulite and expels it out of your body by perspiration or urination.

The benefits from using our oil are enormous:

Less fat, tighter and smoother skin, toned tummy, aromatic smell, less stress and less tensions…

Order our slimming oil online which is already available for shipping right to your doorstep.

For further information on Free consultancy or how to order our slimming oil contact us at info@paradetect.com

Agents, sub agents and distributors are welcome to contact us for further details on adam@paradetect.com and dana@paradetect.com

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