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Salam Lakdar heard about paradetect from her sister who tried our xfat and cellulite oil to help her get rid of her cellulite.

Salam was in Saudi Arabia at the time and when she heard from her sister her successful experience Salam decided to come over to Lebanon to personally witness how our energy healing works. She decided to attend to our weight loss massage sessions since.

Using our xfat and cellulite Auraiel oil and applying our weight loss massage technique Salam was able to achieve great results and within two month not only Salam managed to lose over 15 kilos but she realized that her body was burning much more fat than ever before.

Salam decided she wants to learn how to do this so that she can help others to enjoy the same benefits and results from our xfat and cellulite oil and weight loss technique.

Salam attended our crash course full of doubts if she would be able to really generate her own energy.

Well, after two weeks crash course energy healing and training Salam did at the end succeed to generate her own energy, she happily learnt our technique and now she is a qualified weight loss masseur energy healing the paradetect way.

To get in touch with Salam send your request to Mrs. Salam at

To learn more about our xfat and cellulite in Saudi Arabia and the paradetect energy healing crash course and our special techniques of weight-loss massage you can reach Mrs. Salam at +966544678417

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Our valuable member Administrator has been with us since Mon,23 February 2009.

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