Energy Healing at Work – Mrs. F.D Case

Mrs. F D. suffered from great pains and migraine aches for ages, almost twelve years,

her doctor who is also her friend have heard of paradetect energy healing techniques and out of academic curiosity she Dr. J. brought her patient to our temporary center and asked if there is anything that can be done to help her friend and patient. It seemed she had a scoliosis at her left shoulder and arms which affected her neck causing the migraine…

Mrs. F. did try every medical therapy available at hand since she admitted to us that she did not have a good night sleep since twelve years.

We scanned her in presence of her friend Dr. J. and commenced our therapy sessions with her.

After three months with three sessions a week, Mrs. F. was back to normal and could enjoy a good sleep again ofcourse her migraines became nonexistent thought some slight headaches were rather very rare.

Good luck to Mrs.. F.

Mrs. F requested to stay anonymous.

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