Energy Healing at Work – Um Mohamad Case

Um Mahmoud wished to keep her identity anonymous her wish will be respected. Um Mahmoud is a Teacher she went through a major operation at her right shoulder and arm several years ago,

apparently something went wrong after the operation um Mahmoud lost movement of her right arm totally, the color of her arm turned blue due to lack of blood circulation, it was cold and felt dead.

Um Mahmoud tried everything she heard of including alternative medicine she is an intellect who pays great attention to education for her and her children, a unique women, though very skeptical as well.

Her pharmacist son heard of paradetect and made a general inquiry at our temporary center in Tripoli Lebanon, after lots of skepticism and sarcasm he decided to bring his mother for a general scan.

After scanning um Mahmoud decided with her son to give it a try, to cut it short, after three months three sessions of energy healing with special massage technique um Mahmoud was able to partially move her hand again and the color of her arms as she noticed regained its vitality and the blood circulation regained its natural flew.

With proper technique and equipment paradetect energy healing proved it works

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