Energy Healing at Work VII - Temporal Paralysis

A rare case of temporal paralysis… This one of the rarest cases of temporal paralysis that we encountered at Paradetect

A young female pharmacist suffered from a rare temporal paralysis since she was a child.

She used to have this symptom four sometimes six months a year where she would be unable to move, here family are a well off family living in Dubai, They have tried all of what money can buy taking their child to the USA and Germany and sparing no avenue in modern medicine but they have tried, they ended up at paradetect after hearing from friends of cases energy healing succeeded in resolving.

The young pharmacist had to endure a lot of hardships knowing that there is no knowing when the symptom will attack her, her family deprived her from driving her car even though she held a marketing position in a pharmaceutical company in UAE, she was also hesitant to commit to any engagement for future commitment fearing that her symptom would negatively impact her future marriage.

When they visited our temporary demonstration center in Dubai the mother was extremely skeptic and the young pharmacist was very anxious since she has read many books and articles related to energy healing.

The session took over two hours and the last words of the young pharmacist were; it is so intense I need a break.

The session ended and the clients left full of doubt about the benefits of the session.

Five months elapsed from that date, the young woman phoned our Dubai liaison and invited her for her engagement procession announcing that ever since that session she was free of the symptom and is still until today…

Yes energy healing is working

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