Energy Healing at Work VIII - Depression Cases

We at Paradetect strive effortlessly to explore all the hidden potentials of energy healing that is why we embarked on a spree of experimentation

with whatever cases labeled as untreated with ordinary medicine.

We do not claim energy therapy to be a replacement to ordinary medicine, however do emphasis on drawing the attention of the public that energy therapy with its spiritual background and modern concept of therapy which diagnostically relates many health issues and ills to tension and life requirements and demands is a viable alternative as an option and only if ordinary medicine fails to address a specific health problem, that is why we stress on the  importance of consulting with ordinary doctors before any attempt to seek energy therapy as an option.

Having that cleared, we encourage health seekers to read more about energy healing and consult with more than one source of energy therapy methodologist to learn more about what can be appropriately applied to their specific case and make sure to comprehend that energy therapy is an assistant to ordinary medicine and not a replacement.

Paradetect were successful in treating over twenty cases of all types of depressions from mild to severe cases and that success exceeded our own expectation.

Depressions are in general self-inflicted due to loss of hope and negligence.

By building up self-esteem and reforming life ethics helping to promote the values of positive energy and how it immunes our general health and explaining how negative energy impacts our general health we tackle depression cases individually as no case is ever similar to another…

Our clients who are from all over the world and from all walks of life belonging to all sorts of professions and leading many successful careers are the witness to our true success story.

Some of our clients are medical doctors, dentists, solicitors and lawyers, business persons, bank managers and an average ordinary people stressed out from the pressure of modern living demands, and the list grows up and up to bringing depression on top of the list of modern ailments.

Does energy healing really work!

Paradetect says it works for us pretty well for now and there is no harm comes from trying it.

The Para Team

Our valuable member Administrator has been with us since Mon,23 February 2009.

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