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Our weight loss massage article scored over 18800 hits
Our energy face-lifting and Botox scored over 20500 hits
Our para energy healing technique scored over 19200 hits
Our energy healing Ascent course scored over 13500 hits
Our meditation essentials & courses scored over 16300 hits

What does that tell us?

It tells us that you are certainly interested in what we do and support what we are trying to achieve, it tells us that you want to participate in our activities and you would like us to continue our research exploring this ancient yet new venue of energy therapy and healing and it tells us that spirituality does count with our visitors and members, yes our community is expanding indeed…

Last but not least; It tells us that we are doing alright thanks to you.

Paradetect gladly announces that our course have been approved by one of the leading authorities in Homeopathy and Energy Healing research Centers in India  enabling us to usher you towards a new career and share with you our spiritual experience all over the world.

Our Energy Healing Crash course Ascent is tailored for those who do not have spare time or short on cash money to learn the ordinary way. That is why we came up with the new concept of Ascent crash course which guarantees that you will end up knowing how to generate your own bio energy and use it in scanning and detecting the malfunctioning parts of the body.

By using the techniques that paradetect developed you will be able to do all of that after completing the Ascent Crash Course, you will also be able to continue learning advanced courses to further expand your knowledge on how to apply your energy to heal yourself and heal others opening a new opportunity for you to begin a new career on energy healing if you so wish…

Upon graduation you will be certified by paradetect and recognized by our Indian affiliates.

Further courses can be taken with paradetect or with our Indian affiliate Centers in India.

Paradetect is organizing a special Ascent Energy Healing Tour to India, those interested need to submit their request to join our unique expedition which is expected to take place within few months from this year.

Requirements; Tour applicants need to finish the Ascent crash course before joining the Tour.


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