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Weight Loss… Mr. F. E is a business man who travels a lot with an immense pressure and chaotic living, he seldom eat at home or on time and his overweight exceeded the health limits.

Mr. F. E went to many nutritionists and professionals including medical doctors hoping that somehow one of them would be able to help him get rid of his excess weight which began to affect his health.

Mr. F. E visited our center in Lebanon not convinced that we may succeed where all others have failed. He started our weight loss sessions using our special para energy technique and our Auraiel XFat & Cellulite essential oil. He and after two three months lost over 27 kilograms of excess fats, he was more than satisfied and quoting one of his remarks to us was that he once dropped his pen and picked it up subconsciously, he said; I even forgot that I can still make such a move since I haven’t been able to pick up what I drop for over several years…

Does it really work!

Try it to believe it

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