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Auto Immune Case… Mr. Mohamad Beyrouty is a young man at 23 full of energy and he is an IT expert. He suffered from Auto Immunity at the age of 20,

it was sudden when he started feeling listlessness with numb lips and irritated skin, sometimes he would suddenly have pimples at his chest bursting out without any warning, he become irritant of almost all types of food but especially for dairy products such as milk and coffee made him feel helpless and sleepy, Lemon made him even worse and the list goes on and on.

Mr. Mohamad went to many specialists and he even had checkups at some of the most accredited hospitals in Lebanon but none was able to help him until he heard of Paradetect from his neighbor.

After consulting with Paradetect he decided to give it a go and try our energy healing with his Auto Immunity not so sure it would work and not knowing what to expect. He was full of doubts yet discretely visited our center in Dubai where he recently moved for work.

Well, it took only one session of special energy healing with Mohamad and he after the session ate a full big fresh and juicy lemon then after that he drank four cups of coffee and nothing happened, he was surprised yet very happy and full of hope, he still went home with hidden fears that this change won’t remain and become permanent, next day he came back to continue his sessions and he explained to us how he became a new person, he had a wonderful sleep and when he woke up in the morning he was full of vitality and he was able to recognize the difference on his look and facial expression.

This is the first time Paradetect attempt to healing Auto Immunity and we are as surprised as Mr. Mohamad how fast the improvement and how obvious it was.

Good luck Mr. M. Beyrouty… go and enjoy life as you should be doing.

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