Online Paradetect Self-Improvement Seminar

It is a privilege to share our thoughts and methodology of self-improvement with you for the purpose of improving working place environment,

home and community development to become a better achiever and servant for humanity and its cause.

By achieving these goals we believe we can attain our inner peace, an attainment we all crave for.

The Seminar Program:

- Self-Improvement
- Human Metamorphosis
- Stress and anger management
- Positive thinking
- The Art of problem solving
- Adaptation
- Spiritual development and its impact on personal and public life style
- The Canons of Success
- Learning process and Accumulation Factor
- Open discussion

An open Invitation to join spiritual self-improvement courses and programs


Self Improvement

A divine journey to the inner self that begins with a dream... Are we dreamers, having a dream is the first step in the journey of an aspiration to self improvement…

A dream is what motivates strife to achieve personal goals…

Fear of rejection is our enemy, taking rejection personal is what causes us to fear failure and hesitate, and hesitation is what hinders our achievement…

Hope is what makes us consider the possibility of fulfilling our dreams.

The tools of success are the tools that guide us to better and more peaceful life.

A negative opinion of you does not make you negative.

Failure originates from giving up on a dream.

God created man and God sent prophets and messengers to guide and enlighten man to help man self improve.

I would strongly suggest reading the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad, or Jesus son of Mary teaching, I consider them to be the best reference towards self improvement, empowerment, justice and peace… in short the human aspiration to self improve…

Spirituality is the path of self improvement and the first master and guru of pure spirituality was and still is Al Khodor, known to others in different names such as Enoch or prophet Idriss.

Idriss is the Author of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The book of Enoch and several hundreds of books of wisdom and knowledge such as that written by Hermes who is also the same person.

These books among many others he wrote form the first pure source of knowledge, wisdom and true enlightenment; these are regarded to be the fountain of spirituality and the elixir of countless wisdom and divine science…

Self Improvement

Numerous suggestions and countless advice is provided by the Web, Seminars and books focusing on the importance of embracing  a change to the individual’s routines in order to begin his or her journey of self improvement.

Such suggestions encourages:
- Reading
- Learning a new thing such as a language or a hobby
- Taking a course, sharpening skills
- Exercising, meditating and similar activities to boost up ones potentials and motivates him towards self improvement.

However, most of sources fail to mention ancient theological and spiritual teachings and disregard the importance of religion in the self improvement process to avoid controversy and criticism…

Self improvement requires more than a will to change, it requires the aspiration to change prior to the will, it requires neutrality and recognition of the need to change and the consciousness of oneself and the nature, cause and effect of that proposed change, how would it start and where will it lead to.

Philosophy is rich in avenues but it lacks in practical application of the desired change.

Life is demanding and philosophy leads in many ways to losing touch with reality. A change needs to be realistic in order for it to become applicable in real life, and such change needs to be designed and tailored for the needs of each and every individual in separate means and on personal levels. In short, generalization or philosophy does not really serve its purpose in the case of human beings who differs in cognition and cultural background from another human being.

Choosing the right change comes from being able to recognize and identify which change works.

Self improvement is defined as an alteration of behavior.

The Journey of Self Improvement needs a start point , the best start would be to have an aspiring dream then set goals and time to achieve such a dream, remember that life journey starts with a dream that aspires a faithful of reaching to paradise with a time span of a duration of a life time…

Having a dream without having the tools to fulfill makes it difficult to achieve its desired results, that’s why one needs to apply some logic into ones dream to make it achievable. A realistic dream is acquired by having knowledge of the art of execution which may and can be learnt by all of us through the trial and error since we cannot generalize our principles of self improvement.

Fear of rejection is a true set back in our journey of change; in fact, fear in general is the worst enemy of our progress and self development in our Self Improvement Process.

We tend to form fear within us when we consider the rejection of others to us or to what we intend to embark upon, we fear failure so we hesitate, hesitation triggers a negative motion in our minds which generates a negative force field within our ambiance hindering our clarity in vision impacting the results of our intentions…

Hope is considered to be the initiator of dreams and the vessel that forms the channel of positive energy.

Hope makes the impossible possible because it triggers the will to start a change in our lives and try different routines.

Hope is the preparatory step to begin the journey of Self Improvement.

Self observance and researching ones needs are a must before choosing a change and it is as important to adopt flexibility and experiment on changes before committing to one.

Once one is convinced of his need to change, he or she needs to prepare a list of what to change in his routine and what to keep.

Meditation and Learning new things are of the utmost importance, studying spirituality and religion are just as important, learning from prophets is learning a profound wisdom, after all wisdom was the legacy of prophets and the precious wealth we inherited from them.

Avoid fear and practice caution, if you are to take any risk let it be calculated risk.

Remember that having a negative thought of you does not mean you are a negative person, it simply means the perception of you was negative and that can be overcome and improved once a person is aware of it…

Learn to overcome your fears…

Learn to resolve daily conflicts…

Practice on problem solving to improve your potentials…

Failure originates from giving up, would you give up on yourself and stop pursuing your dreams!

Good Luck



Projection is another human defense mechanism that helps people escape an unacceptable reality, by projection one tend to accuse others of his own ills or disliked qualities by ascribing them to others.

By projection one may initiate a negative thought or feeling and simply pin it on others ironically applying the do unto others as they do unto  you concept in a twisted way to become; think of others as you think they think of you interpretation…

When an individual projects, he only intends to reduce his own anxieties in an egoistic manner, and the purpose of this article is to remind ourselves to replace this urge by a more divine characteristic  with an exercise  that reverts to spirituality therefore self improve and progress in the human cause.

Since projection is a way of expression to a subconscious desire it therefore falls within the realm of thinking, Thinking is either positive or negative.

Projection falls in the negative category it therefore is under our own control.

Training ourselves to think positively of other individuals or that what surrounds our lives may stimulate and positively instigate positive responses, as I said in a previous article; a frown face does not attract a happy one…

Spirituality plays a major role in training us to think positively and give a chance to good intentions even in the nick of times; it promotes peace and contentment instead of contempt and resentment.

We need to ask ourselves a sensitive question before we start projecting, that is who do we serve most and know least in our lives, if we think carefully of the answer to this riddle we will find the answer is ourselves.

The only time we observe consciously observe ourselves is when we look into the mirror, yet even when we are looking into that mirror we do it not out of observation but rather out of service to our ego one way or the other…

Spirituality helps us ascend towards a greater and more divine role cause and when we apply such a cause the outcome will certainly be a better effect, hence is the cause and effect principal applied.

Remember next time you look into the mirror who to serve and what to observe.



Freud suggested that at times of anxiety provoking situation with failure to deal with it people tend to protect themselves by retreating to an earlier stage of development.

Regression is a defense mechanism amongst many that we possess as tools to help us coup with the hardships we face in our lives, though helpful at times but if addicted to it one may easily lose touch of reality and introvert to solitude.

Modern way of living is the major catalyst to regression since our specie is a sensitive one full of complexes mostly driven by the instinct of survival which kept us dominant amongst other beings that roam the surface of our planet.

Our specie is created upon a very acute balance and if this balance wobbles our mental sanity and purpose of existence may be threatened.

The balance is made out of three factors; spirituality, mind (cognitive intelligence) and body (tangible physicality).

And since spirituality is least detected and recognized by our senses “unless trained”, we were introduced to various forms of spirituality via spiritual and more advanced beings such as angels who taught it to man through prophets and messengers.

Hence the importance of spirituality in our existence and well-being, the crucial role of spirituality taps upon the very purpose of our sanity and is the orchestrator of our performing minds and its impact on our physical well-being and general health.

Maintaining this balance is of the utmost importance, and modern contemporary living pattern threatens such balance.

If we ignore the role of spirituality and neglect the danger of abandoning its practice we endanger our whole communal and social structure and we risk our achievements in human development and promote primitive behavior to spread within our dwelling habitat and environment,  we all know how contagious is primitiveness, frown faces do not attract smiling ones…

Next time you face a hardship remember to resort to a spiritual vacation instead of regressive retreat.


Positive Thinking

What is positive thinking and how can one achieve a positive state of mind is what spirituality is all about.

Spirituality and religion are specifically introduced to us so that our specie may learn how to coup with the ills we are subjected to while we pursue our daily life events, requirements and demands.

The teachings of prophets and ancient scholars were aimed at one thing and one thing only, helping humanity to reach and maintain a positive state of mind by containing difficulties and hardships through positive acceptance of what does not kill us may only strengthen our resilience, through faith, hope and a belief of better things to follow…

Positive thinking and positive state of mind is the best self healing process for man, it is what helps us recover from common ailments such as stress, anger, and other serious symptoms such as cardiovascular related diseases that are so commonly occurring in this age and time due to what life entails from higher demand on acquisition of material means to survive in this ever increasing materialistic world.

To keep it short, happy and contempt people tend to live longer and healthier…

The nature of positive thinking comes from positive early upbringing in life, our parents and school teachers helps us train our minds to look at the full half of the cup instead of worrying about the empty half.

Positivity is related to personal achievement and a hope of improving results therefore progress…

The way we look at puzzles of life and how we solve them is the outcome of our perception of what we face and what we need to do to contain and overcome such obstacles.

Hope for the better will promote the better to come, fear of the worst will hinder the better from coming if not deter it all together.

Since positive thinking is a state of mind it is therefore contagious, thus positive thoughts are infectious.

Think positive and you will enjoy a better and more relaxed mental and physical state of your health.

Look at the bright side they say; well, how true that is, because we are advanced beings amongst thousands of other species sharing this earth with us, we bear the brunt preserving and maintaining the delicate balance that keeps our planet habitable, our positive thinking will result in maintaining healthier living for us and healthier environment for our planet.

As for how to achieve the state of positive thinking and maintain its momentum allowing it to reflect on our lives and positively impact our well-being is something to be trained for…

We need to train our minds to become positive thinkers, talking positively to oneself is a good start to do so, reflecting and meditating or praying is another effective exercise in addition to light sports and useful hobbies…

Haven’t we heard of the term, if one only believes strongly enough one can do miracles? Well, that is an expression that promotes positive thinking and positive state of mind and there are hundreds of terms and phrases of verbal and physical expressions that we often tell ourselves to help us get by in our daily duties and overcome our daily difficulties.

Positive thinking generates good intentions, good intentions generates healthier well-being and smoother process of living.

The other crucial thing that we need to get used to refer to in our lives is reducing our materialistic demands and focusing on what is healthier and better for us to attain rather than what is more and bigger. A one quality thing or a quality time is much more precious than quantity driven minds and pattern of behavior.

Thoughts and ideas do have a form, though this form is not defined scientifically yet, nevertheless, that thoughts and ideas generated by the mind do have a non physical form and not very far from now we will find a way to easily identify them and recognize their status in a more tangible and scientific manner.

When we think of anything or process any idea we actually create consciousness and we also create a chemical reaction fused by electromagnetic/static flux which feeds our neuron complexed mind system, in fact our brain produces the very essence of its own energy, the electromagnetic energy and this is still only the beginning of what we began to understand of how our minds work.

Positive thinking radiate healthy EMF pulses producing healthy chemical reaction described as the right frame of mind for better living.

Miracles are made when it is thought of in the right and positive state of mind.

Imagine a pool of still waters when you throw a stone in it, it causes a swirl in the water, it is the same when you emit a negative thought into your atmosphere you simply create a thought swirl disturbing your atmosphere and unsettling your emotional surroundings, the emotional reaction is what detects the thought in its early stages, we simply express this as I felt it, or I had a bad feeling and so on and so forth.

During research on Aura we at paradetect were able to detect variable changes in the Aura colors in positive or negative state of minds with clients using our Aura imaging facilities.

When an individual is stressed and anxious the colors of one’s Aura becomes red, like wise when he/she are suffering from any physical ailment or pain.  Whereas the relaxed and positive state of mind resulted in colors varying from blue and green similar to a meditative and calm state of mind.

We are sensitive and delicate creatures and we are physically ranked amongst the weakest and less equipped creatures on earth survival wise, our minds and our unique intelligence to overcome obstacles and problem solving potentials is what makes us the masters of this planet, and in order to preserve our species dominance we need to keep positive thinking about a better future that may lie ahead.

Keep star gazing and share your positive thoughts you encourage positive thinking to spread in your surroundings. It is even believed that if one shares a nightmare one increases the possibility of experiencing its negative impact in real life, and the opposites applies…

Be positive and keep looking at the bright side


Yes We Can

It is pure joy to share with our members the wonderfully positive feedback we are getting from our recent graduates of the crash energy healing course we ran in Dubai late December of last year.

It is truly amazing how simple it is for us to change our way of living and achieve the needed metamorphosis which will eventually lead us to the right path for humanity the path of light and inner peace.

Our new graduates are so happy with the new knowledge they acquired during the energy healing crash course and they shared with us their new experience assuring us of the tangible mental, spiritual and physical change they have accomplished after they started applying what they learnt  from gains which is giving them great joy and sense of satisfaction.

Our apprentice took the crash course out of sheer curiosity and had no idea what impact it would cause on their daily lives, well they ended up becoming very active energy healers being sought by family members , then friends then total strangers recommended to them by mutual friends, and that is how it goes…

The apprentice where at first very hesitant in applying their training and putting it into use, they started applying what learnt on their family members, then friends overheard about it and the word spread all over their close community, fiends started approaching to investigate that new thing the apprentice were cooking and things became more serious to the apprentice, they reluctantly called paradetect seeking encouragement, confused and very unsure they were, questioning if they can really help healing other by applying what they learnt  and we assured them that trying will not hurt, for our method is drug free so what harm may it cause!.

After a while we started receiving daily calls from our new energy healers updating us with the success they have been enjoying by healing others and helping bring a better change into their lives.

One of our new energy healers called Mrs. A. F. she said: Hi, I got back from Greece this week and I have some news I want to share with you.

while I was in Greece I met with a famous psychic for a personal consultancy. After the psychic found out I was into energy healing she asked me if I can help her with a severe damage in her right arm which left her unable to use it, she simply couldn’t write any longer and it was an old damage.

I called paradetect asking if it is ok to try the healing techniques I learnt and I was encouraged to do so with no hesitation, so I decided I will give it a try with the Greek psychic and see how things will go.

To my astonishment and after I gave the Psychic one session we (I and those attending) were all surprised from the immediate results of improvement to the arm and the psychic insisted that I would give her another session before I leave Greece, I called paradetect to share my success and they further encouraged me to go ahead with the other session which I ended up giving, after that the psychic was able to write again and was very grateful to me.

My second encounter was with a friend after I came back from Greece, I was approached by a friend of a friend who was suffering from serious health problems deterring her from leading a normal life, I called paradetect again consulting with them, hesitant and not sure whether what is happening with me is real or is it just an imagination, I really needed to know that I am not hallucinating. Encouraged by paradetect I gave the friend of a friend a session and again the results were unbelievable, she felt an immediate improvement in her health and I couldn’t believe the outcome.

I am still helping people in the energy healing I have learnt and I am so happy with the change in my life.

The course really brought positive change into my life and increased myself worth and sense of belonging to a new reality with a new perspective the paradetect perspective and the paradetect attitude.

Samia is our paradetect liaison in the UAE and she is now very active in the energy healing in Dubai, Samia is very busy helping other to heal and happy that she has a spiritual value added to her life.

Samia is helping many women to foster the paradetect metamorphosis and we hope that you too will.

So, can we really change and can we really energy heal?

Yes we can.


I Resign

A phrase often used when things doesn’t go ones way, especially when we feel our liberty is targeted and we are chased out by our superiors due to a dispute or a conflict of interest or simply lack of chemistry in the work place or we might even experience this at a much earlier stage of our lives in schools and colleges.

Who do we turn too when our liberty or self esteem is abused when our sense of security is molested and negative thoughts suddenly crowd our mental clarity…

School bullying is very common everywhere, yet there is no serious attempt to leash it or even try to minimize its impact among students of elementary or secondary schools. This problem needs to be addressed on the national and international level for the sake of future generation’s socio/psychological health and stability.

A minimum of five percent of children and teenagers are subjected to such abuse at least once in their life. Many of them experience a dramatic decrease of interest in continuation of schooling and education due to this mishap, many more carry some sort of bitter memory from this not mentioning those who experience severe bullying may in fact suffer more serious consequences leaving them with a major behavioral disorder which might be of a hostile nature leading to serious crimes in schools and at a later stage at work, at homes or within their communities.

Our schools and colleges should create special monitoring boards and committees with a clear mandate authorizing its members to act accordingly in preventing bullying, where as work places would need to appoint a neutral post to deal with such issues, such post would need to be strict in confidentiality matters with specific mandate to resolve disputes fairly regardless of status and identity of disputed parties in a non bias manner.

Unions can play a pivotal role in the formation of such posts, but in many countries unions are not so strong to enforce such a change and this problem is even harder to tackle when it comes to government sectors especially in the developing world where politics and favorism tend to play an influential role in determining who climbs the ladder and who gets to resign regardless of right and wrong…

Now ask yourself a question, would you have ever thought of this without pre-sensing an element of danger in your work place!

We have no intention of changing the world we only wish to make it a better world to live in, a world with more just set of rules to accommodate the meek and the week alike…

Having that said; one needs to keep in mind that present day solutions may cost a life time savings to settle any similar disputes in courts and in developing countries this option is not even available which may mean an early retirement or even a loss of pension for those who dare to complain or oppose work place tyranny, therefore, the I resign will be the only option left for them to take.


Stress/Anger Management

The majority of us experience a stressful situation that may lead us to anger at one stage of our lives. Whether it is at home or at work, what is inevitable is a certain stressful encounter every now and then.

What we are going to scrutinize in this article is the exaggeration of the media on this topic for a commercial motive to promote ways, methods and drugs to deal with anger…

Who of us does not get angry?  Obviously None…

Is that so bad or dangerous for our health?  NO, not really…

What is the problem then?

Well, it is very natural to get angry, infact it is healthy to get angry, anger may play an effective role in motivating us to survive risky situation or overcome obstacles and accomplish hard assignments.

Controlled anger associated with an appropriate and containable body language may assist us in sending the right message to those ill mannered or corrupt opponents or associates who would not be deterred from taking advantage of our expressed understanding in many tricky situations.

Imagine, a nation gets angry from another nation, declares war against them before even expressing their anger…

So, anger is ok in my book.

However, what needs to be agreed upon in this case is the body language that is usually associated with anger, and the method used to express one’s anger.  Now, that is something we people really need to debate and come up with a mutual understanding on how and when we can resort to anger to resolve our issues.

When we become angry we are usually wronged with, offended and somewhat abused by an oppressor or an ignorant associate failing to comply with the common code of ethics that should dictate our social coherence.

It is crucial to educate parents how to raise their children appropriately, it is because of negligent upbringing some of us become used to exercising oppressive nature with others.

It is even more crucial to educate teachers at school how to be neutral and democratic giving space to all students to freely express their thoughts and share their concerns with their teachers.

But above all, it is of the utmost importance to make sure those business leaders, managers and supervisors to learn to adhere to the human rights laws and offer a fair chance to their employees to express their opinions freely without the fear of a backlash which may affect their only source of income and livelihood.

As for politicians and rulers it is an issue with those who elect them and appoint them to the offices they occupy to present communities and nations. This is where I say  your voice certainly counts, be sure who you appoint to present you and make sure to protest whenever you feel you have been misrepresented and your voice have been misused.

Spirituality and religion are the best known ancient methods to offer a common code of ethics to conduct our lives evenly and fairly.

When we practice spirituality and apply it as a living concept in our daily affairs we will achieve the best level of harmony and cohesiveness in our communities.

That is what motivates us to invite everybody to try and implement our method and our Paradetect attitude which merges spirituality with contemporary life to reach the divine part of humanity in every one of us and therefore reach our inner peace…

Spirituality practice is the best method to control stress and contain anger, and by spiritual application one may find himself of no need to lose ones tempers and become uncontrollably angry.

We hope you enjoyed this article but if you still feel you are an angry individual then your best solution is to take our energy healing crash course to help you improve your self control and reach your inner peace.


Canons of Success

Success is a dictionary in itself, it varies in measure based upon individual feats and achievements hence the term the “measure of success”…

However, and no matter what measures of success one applies, it will always rely on the basic canons to attain it. Those canons where not invented by philosophers or theologians, but rather embedded in every faith and creed conveyed to man ever since our kind journeyed into life on this planet…

The Emerald Tablets is regarded to be one of the earliest sources available to have mentioned it extensively and promoted its importance relating it to countless wisdom while associating it with ultimate enlightenment.

Three Canons are regarded to be the tools of our survival on what in reality is a harsh environment full of dangers whether from other beings coexisting with man, or viruses and bacteria which in term is the cause why we sustain life on this planet…

The Canons are:

- Cause and Effect
- Motion
- Space and Time

Those of us who are lucky enough to learn how to apply the three above mentioned Canons through their life experience will definitely experience a great measure of success determined upon the accuracy their personal evaluation and basic calculation prior to the intended attempts, but above all they will achieve what we all subconsciously seek that is the inner peace within…

Ancient teachings and schools of behavior revealed to man the instructions and guidelines required implementing, and by doing so promised man great benefits in return but above all, ancient wisdom promised us countless benefits and desired success.

The inner peace that we all seek and few of us find in a life experience.

That is because our consuming demands and greed for ever increasing possessiveness blurred our vision and limited our comprehension of the true purpose of life within this earthly phase of our eternal existence.

Cause and Effect; this is the basic stimuli of wisdom within the realm of sub consciousness and by appropriate application one avoids major mishaps and setback in a life time cycle bringing us closer towards peaceful and more predictable living.

The cause we initiate will defiantly determine the effect we yield whether we intentionally commit to it or unintentionally surrender to it…

Motion; A Cause needs an act or an action and to effect there must be motion and motion is meant to describe the behavior, conduct and attitude of mankind, the behavior may be expressed in physical manner or thinking patterns.

Space and Time; a cause is directly affected by the Time and Space Factor, hence the term at the right place and the right time is commonly used to achieve success…

By applying such canons of success on all levels of our lives whether humanitarian or political we may all achieve more peaceful results and bring more benefits to our socio/ethnical differences.  It may also further enhance our foresight, sharpened our predictive sense and grant us a finer wisdom leading us toward improving the human factor in us.

Unity of man may stimulate unity of mind, body and soul thus inner peace therefore unlimited success.


Mind Over Matter

A mental discipline... Mind over matter or preferably will power is still new and vague to science, though, it is part of eastern culture whether in Hindu yoga or Buddhist meditational techniques and training of self control which served many purposes starting with self improvement, spiritual development in addition to (alternative medicine) curative means to a multiple of ailments and ills.

The best and most effective methods of curative alternative healing are that which involves many practices of self control.

This self control is referred to by medical science as "Biofeedback" where patients attempted to heal themselves from ailments related to circulatory system, muscles, heart and brain, some of it may be totally cured other things may partially be cured based upon the measure of will power and self control of the patient.

There are currently several sensitive medical instruments available in the market to help patients monitor and control or rather manage several involuntary body functions previously considered unmanageable.

Biofeedback; by learning how to manage our brain waves we initiate our own Biofeedback. Brain waves range from 0.5 up to 45 HZ and known as beta, alpha, theta and delta waves and lately added to them the Gamma wave. Extensive research led to very valuable findings in this new Neuro/science, yet there is still a long way to go to enable us to have a clearer pictures of the full scope of this young science so that we may put it into a more practical health related usage.

When our minds are in normal state of consciousness we would be in the beta wave level (read my Trance article for further information related to brain waves) the frequency of beta waves is between 13 and 30 Hz.

Alpha waves are electrical waves from the parietal and occipital regions of the brain or in simpler words, the lymphatic system located below the cortex, its frequencies range between 8 and 12 or 13 Hz. As you notice; it is slower than the beta waves and are most usual when we are mentally alert, calm and relaxed, or when day-dreaming. Alpha waves are a sign of nervous system slow down indicating lack of sensory stimulation in a conscious person.

It was first discovered in 1935 and maybe stimulated when our eyes are closed or when we stare into distant object be it sky or ocean or similar target.

During alpha wave one may stop his heart beat without dying, walk on burning embers injury free and heal himself from all sorts of modern day illnesses.

Through appropriate training in self control Biofeedback may be applied to control our involuntary nervous system which functions without any conscious control similar to what controls our breathing which in turn affects our heartbeat and blood pressure. There are many scientific experiments succeeded in validating the possibility of control over our autonomic system, similar experiments were conducted to treat anxiety, depression, blood pressure as well as asthma, tension, insomnia and even epilepsy and paralysis. And we sometimes unwarily use it on our children to help them overcome fear, panic or pain.

I personally used similar methods to treat migraine headaches, depression and related to tension symptoms. The whole idea is to be able to open our neurotransmitters to help us heal and recover and achieve magnificent feats in our lives.

One essential factor in such treatment is the feedback where it requires a patient to tune into a certain body function and gain control over it. Some patients may need to use an electric meter, an electromyograph or any related instruments to help gaining control, this usually assists the patients by allowing them to self observe and self monitor their own bodily functions, I call this the Audio visual factor.

There is still much to learn but above all we need to learn to have more faith in our potentials trust our instincts and sharpen our senses so that we may enjoy a happier and more peaceful life.


Human Metamorphosis

Slaughter in Middle East, mayhem in Briton, natural disasters in Japan and China and the meltdown of US Economy. Metamorphosis or Transformation is a majestic term full of magic, a natural magic illustrating the development process of a beautiful being such as a butterfly.

The metamorphosis of a butterfly involves total physical and behavioral change that includes this beings habitat and form, from a limbless crawling being to a breathtaking, colorfully winged, flying free new entity.

Observing metamorphosis while contemplating on the metaphoric spiritual ascendance of man out of physical limitation and boundaries toward the light thus the true purpose of our existence, one cannot help reflecting on the fact that being made of an atomic structure like everything else in this universe spells to being at one stage a unit of the ultimate cosmic recycling process, a part of transcendental atomic structure of a prime light substance that forms the very fabric of our making. Imagine that you were once a part of a star and through a process of recycling you became a human and in a follow process you will be part of another light form of Ether somewhere and sometime in the future to be...

What drives me to philosophize at such time is the end result of what the current events around the world are unveiling, a human misbehavior when hope and sense of belonging to spirituality and sense of purpose is lost.

The mass killing in the Middle East triggered a stereotype behavior of revolt and rebellion in Great Briton and the Arab spring slogan in Tunisia and Egypt triggered an adoption of the same slogan in Israel.

Ironic yet painful reality is resurrecting out of deprivation of human soul from justice, equality and inner peace, an end may justify the means.

Mass slaughter in Syria in the name of national security and peace, mayhem and havoc in the allies of cities of England in the name of equality and justice while self appointed leaders in some parts of our world clinch to power regardless of how many souls are exhausted in the process.

Whether it is in the Mid East or Europe and whether it is natural causes in Japan or China or an economical melt down of the US Economy, I dare to issue a warning to humanity to reconsider our current way of life recalculate the true purpose of our existence through a meaningful return to spirituality.

Indeed, there is an urge of need to a human metamorphosis before more crimes are committed in the name of humanity and in the name of national security and peace.

A considerable number of theologians and biblical scholars would support the claim that correlates current calamities of the world and its spreading pattern of disorder to the End of Days prophecies which in context gives an additional spicing to an ever growing conflict in the onslaught of global culture which may prove to be the only source of future unity of mankind.

Will there be a time where there will be no where to flee to for safety, I wonder...

Humanity needs to find a sanctuary system in our modern world for those who believe in spirituality as a salvation leading to inner peace.

You are sincerely invited to interact with us and exchange thoughts and fruitful suggestions towards achieving such a goal.

Let us do something before it's too late to do anything.

Let us not forget a thousand miles journey starts with a single step.

Will you take this first step?


Spirituality and Depression

Settle in a comfortable armchair that you favor. Have a chamomile goblet in your grasp, play some memorable soft music or listen to a soothing harp, with a touch of lavender or frankincense for an alluring trap, take a deep and sedating breath, relax your shoulders and indulge yourself sifting through wisdom in depth.

As established in previous articles defining spirituality as the balance between mind and body, and the importance of its role in guiding us towards our self awareness and inner peace.

And as concluded that spirituality can indeed alter an ill behavior or a miss conduct, it can also buildup self esteem and self motivation.

The self is the most important factor in forming a personality, and how we nourish it dictates how our personality shapes and settles.

The self by nature is more likely to attend to present issues rather than foresight a future effect of a current cause or regress to avoid a repetition of past mischief or mishap that is why the self falls into so many frequent unforeseen traps.

The self needs to be educated, pampered and catered for, it needs to be motivated and constantly reminded of its priorities since it is seldom aware, as it is driven by desires and temptation with high regards to criteria and spontaneous interests.

Spirituality does exactly that. The whole aim of spirituality is to set the guidelines for self improvement and self progress.

As for depression the mind deformity of this age, I have given an ample of information about it in my previous (related to depression) articles. But I am afraid it's never enough said about this very traitorous opponent to the self.

Ego tends to mislead us into ignoring the early symptoms of depression, which is anxiety, fatigue, and sleeping disorder in addition to the lack of concentration, social interaction, self esteem and other repercussions falling under endless negativities.

The reason why almost 20% percent of the international populations of our race are falling under depression is that the majority of us totally ignore it, giving it an advantage to sneak and infiltrate our mental health pattern and inhabit our minds while inhibiting our average day performance.

And as I have frequently attempted to focus on a new observation in my articles, I will keep to what I am accustomed to and raise the eyebrows of behavioral science community to this new observation.

A new observation will help categorize depression in the field of behavioral science I hope.

When I started observing depression conditions and cases in its mild or sever forms, I at first thought it befalls the poverty stricken communities of the world at a higher rate in comparison to the socially well off and financially more secure.

Well, in part that maybe true, only and on the other hand, I found it to spread among the well off, good looking, elite and popular individuals just as much, even more.

However, the difference which is truly remarkable in here is the fact that the poor and humble tends to recover from depressions much faster than the well off.

We all run into obstacles deterring us from reaching our set out goals, but the ones who are used to success and easy living finds it much harder to adapt to new situation facing them and easily go into panic mode, while the poor and humble has (due to his experimental immunity in life) simpler way to adapt, what come may, this adaptation is what really concerns me in this article.

I remember a common saying; as high a bird may fly, as would be his fall. To put it in other words, the higher you climb the harder your fall will be...

The poor and humble have it in their culture to surrender and accept what befalls them and maybe that is why their depression is usually less sever and their recovery would be much faster. Could it be that their expectations of materialism is in reality lesser...

The poor and humble falls into trance more often and at a faster pace than the rest, and trance is a great healer to many ailments including depression.

Spirituality is the best tuition available at hand and certainly better than anti depressant drugs and much cheaper for that matter too.

Spirituality promotes inner peace and self assertiveness when it comes to setting out priorities in life, and what makes us more liable to fall victims for depression is at the end our list of priorities and expensive goals. This list of priorities is what dictates the pattern of behavior of the majority.

Spirituality may and can indeed heal depression by converting us into less demanding to material things and less overloaded with superficial visions to achieve through excessive consumption pattern.

It seems that the poor and humble found a more convenient way to tackle depression, and that way can be also found in spirituality and religion which is but a vehicle promoting spirituality to help us sustain our sanity and preserve our inner and overall peace in life.

Look for the simple things in life with a gentle stride may you strive.

As I write my final phrase, and you cease your gaze to depression maze

Finish your chamomile and stare into the void for a while.

Enjoy the rest of your day and let spirituality guide your way.

Hum yourself a lullaby theme and get yourself ready for a twilight dream.


Enter Depression

Who enters into depression and how: Anybody can enter into depression, even animals and birds enter into depression. Every active mind is a possible victim for a depressed experience.

Each of us reacts to depression in a different manner due to individual's personal experience and way of upbringing.

Individual's behavior consists of two types, the inherited driven by survival instinct and the acquired through living experience which originates from childhood upbringing!

It's become a common knowledge that we inherit fear and other related feelings from our parents through genes.

That fact makes it very vital for parents to be extra aware that what they experience as an outcome of their living choices will somehow find its natural way to sneak into their offspring's and future generations unwarily.

The easier and less demanding and consuming you live, the easier it will become for your offspring to face life and its accumulated hardships with more immunity from depression.

Parents are the most responsible in how their children respond and react to what faces them in life.

Caring and sharing, positive listening and preemptive thinking are best tools to establish a built in immunity from life setbacks.

Being neutral teaches our children neutrality and flexibility, thus, less vulnerable to despair and depression and more potentially problem solvent.

One enters into depression when one lack faith in finding solution to dire complications one faces in his life.

Nothing is permanent; therefore, problems are also not permanent. The sooner we learn that and begin to accept that problems are the core of our physical, mental and spiritual development, the healthier and more balanced we become. Most physical ailments are caused by mental and emotional disturbance. Pressure and stress are the most common cause of most ailments.

In order to be capable of facing problems and finding suitable solution for them, one needs to learn how to be pragmatic, logical in thinking and neutral.

Neutrality is what grants us appropriate behavior and wise judgments of sequential events and occurrences.

Neutrality is leading a balanced physical, mental and spiritual way of life (the paradetect way of life).

Though, final destiny is predetermined, we still make our own immediate destiny, and by applying the laws of cause and effect we would have a much better chance to enjoy an easier destiny in our space and time, till we move towards another reality in another dimension.

Premeditated behavior leads to certainty and order in life, while, chaos leads to calamities!

Paradetect is introducing a new concept to life, a more balanced life, THE PARADETECT ATTITUDE.

Join our community and share your say on our website.

Become an interactive member and do not settle for being just a mere observer.

Paradetect gives you a forum to contribute with your opinions and point of views.

Let's participate in the formation of a new and more peaceful commune.

Let's exercise our right to be more humane and make a positive difference on this planet.

We have started our virtual community center hoping to provide a prototype to help establish a physical ideal community center with specific goal to help prevent stress and depression rather than settle for curing it.

Our online consultancy service and what it offers to our members is a living example of what we can do if we unite efforts.


Depression Treatment

Treating Depression Naturally without Pharmaceutical Drug... Depression is a disorder involving the whole body including the nervous system, moods, thoughts, and behavior.

It presents a potential threat affecting your eating, sleeping, thinking, feeling habits, and your interaction with people around you. It can last for, weeks, months, or even years.

The symptoms of depression as mentioned in our previous article Depression are many and varied including chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, changes in appetite, headaches, backaches, digestive disorders, restlessness, irritability, anger, loss of interest or pleasure in activities previously enjoyed, and feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy. Many of these symptoms are common with more than 150 million adults around the world. The most common treatment doctor's prescribe for this disorder is antidepressant medications.

There are three major classes of antidepressants: tricyclics, MAOIs, and SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). The most common treatment for depression is an SSRI. Serotonin is a brain chemical which is closely linked to mood. Brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, regulate our behavior. The neurotransmitters most commonly associated with mood are dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. SSRI's manipulate the way the body uses serotonin, in an effort to conserve serotonin stores in the body, thus optimizing its calming effects.

Till the 90's, antidepressants were considered a cure-all for the rapidly increasing incidence of depression. Unfortunately, they don't work in the majority of cases (latest figures indicate a 70% failure rate) in the USA alone, and that have been linked to suicide, violence, psychosis, abnormal bleeding and brain tumors. Additionally, researchers have now discovered that insufficient serotonin may not be the only reason for depression. Too much cortisol, a stress-related hormone, may also play a role.

Depression may be triggered by tension, stress, a traumatic life event, chemical imbalances in the brain, thyroid disorders, upset stomach, headache, nutritional deficiencies, poor diet, the consumption of sugar, mononucleosis, lack of exercise, endometriosis, or any serious physical disorder, Food allergies and hypoglycemia. If depression is a secondary symptom of a more serious underlying problem, taking an antidepressant only serves to mask symptoms and create more dysfunction.

Prescription drugs DO NOT CURE ANYTHING! They only treat symptoms and do not address the underlying cause of an illness. Drugs cannot create neurotransmitters, but can only manipulate what is already available. And if there is an underlying problem such as low thyroid function, female hormone imbalance, hypoglycemia, adrenal exhaustion, candidiasis, food allergies, inadequate nutrition, or any of a host of other ailments, it will not address those either.

What's worse, according to the World Health Organization, these drugs ARE addictive and do produce withdrawal, contrary to what most doctors may claim.

If drugs are not the answer, what is? It is imperative to try to establish the source of the depression, whether there is an underlying physical condition(s) present. Engage the services of a natural practitioner who is willing to look at disorders of the endocrine system (hormone imbalance), food allergies, or chemical imbalance from a nutritional (not drug) standpoint. Tracking your depressive episodes is very useful, correlating eating habits and how you feel, most depressed people are allergic. Analyze your life, looking for emotional and mental reasons, problems that can be resolved by changing your outlook, relationships, or approach to life's challenges. Physical and emotional issues are often intertwined.

Mind, body and soul are inseparable. Any healing discipline that treats one and not the other is an incomplete approach and more likely to fail.

Start healing process by optimizing your body nutrition. Your body operates on a system of chemical language, the communication that is carried on at a cellular level. This chemical language involves neurotransmitters and hormones. The level of neurotransmitters and hormones in our body is controlled by what we eat and assimilate. If we do not get the building blocks from our diet to produce adequate levels of neurotransmitters and hormones, communication begins to break down and we experience disease. Our body's chemistry holds the key to the way we feel, and our chemistry consume. For example, eating complex carbohydrates raises the level of tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin. Complex carbohydrates include whole grains, vegetables, peas and beans. High protein foods, such as salmon and turkey, promote the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, and contain the added benefit of essential fatty acids, both important nutrients contributing to mental alertness.

Body cells do not require toxic chemical compounds. Drugs block metabolic reactions, but nutrients facilitate metabolic reactions. Every tissue in the body is affected by nutrition. Under conditions of poor nutrition, organs begin to break down and become dysfunctional. The brain is no different.

Since the 1970's, orthomolecular therapists and doctors have been using amino acid therapy to treat depression. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are used by the body to make neurotransmitters and hormones. Vitamins and minerals are also needed as co-factors. Specific amino acids used to treat depression include L-tyrosine, taurine, L-phenylalanine, glutamine, glycine, GABA, and 5-HTP, with B-6, magnesium and zinc as co-factors.

There is a definite link between serotonin deficiency and depression. Multiple vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential, with the B-vitamins, zinc, calcium and magnesium being especially important.

NOTE - Withdrawal can often be more dangerous than continuing on a medication. If you are currently on an antidepressant, you need to consult with a health care professional that can help gradually (e.g. every15 day time span) reduce your dose. These drugs alter brain chemistry and upon withdrawal can cause severe and even life threatening reactions.

There are several excellent choices in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other supplements for optimal brain function.

Amino Acids - Vitamins -

Minerals -

Essential Fatty Acids - Lecithin -

A combination of GABA, glycine, & taurine with herbs and co-factors to support relaxation and a balanced mood -

A combination of Taurine, L-Phenylalanine, & tyrosine with herbs, co-factors, and antioxidants to support mental clarity and a positive mood state -

NAD - B-3 (niacin) supplement. Regarded as one of the most effective nutrients in elevating mood and overcoming moderate depression -

SAMe - may support nervous system function by increasing the synthesis and recycling of certain neurotransmitters. SAMe is believed to positively effect a number of neurotransmitters, including serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline and norepinephrine

Liver cleansing may also help with depression. The liver must break down all the bi-products of metabolism. Faulty liver function can contribute to depression.

Antidepressants work by preventing neurons in the brain from importing certain chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin, which are used to pass messages from cell to cell. The route by which these chemicals are imported depends on passageways in the outer membrane of the cells called transporter proteins, and it is on these passageways that the antidepressants exert their influence.

We hope that the information above brings enlightenment to you and help you ease your pain.

Having said that, we endeavor to bring additional enlightenment and support in treating depression by combining what modern medical science and what ancient spiritual philosophy and traditions have provided to human behavior improvement.

At paradetect we believe in attending to MIND, BODY AND SOUL in any treatment related to human behavior, after all, better health for all is our goal.



Depression is one of the most common conditions of this age, affecting more than one in ten individuals at a time, irrespective of age, gender or socio/cultural background.

One may come through depression with appropriate assistance and early recognition.

What is depression?

Depression is a mental health condition which affects an individual's thinking, energy, feelings and normal behavior. While varying from mild to severe it may become disadvantageous even disabling in some cases, leaving a serious impact on the individual's social life, be it his work, his family or even his communal interaction. Best way to reduce the impact of depression is by accessing information and support to find ways to manage such condition.

Nowadays, a list of eight symptoms has been made available by professionals in the field to help a person find out whether he/she have become a victim of depression.
If one experience five or more of these symptoms, lasting for a period of two weeks or more, one should consult with a mental health professional.

Depression symptoms are:

Feeling sad, anxious or bored

Low energy, feeling tired or fatigued

Under or over-sleeping, or waking frequently during the night

Poor concentration, thinking slowed down

Loss of interest in hobbies, family or social life

Low self-esteem and feelings of guilt

Aches and pains with no physical basis, e.g. chest/head/tummy and leg pain associated with anxiety or stress

Loss of interest in living, thinking about death, suicidal thoughts


What causes it?

Depression is usually caused by a life trauma or a great disappointment accompanied with feeling of despair, or a lack of solution. It could be breakdown of a sincere relationship, a financial difficulties or any kind of oppression. It may also be an inherent tendency towards depression, and this is a very intriguing case, such genetic factors can be key in the case of bipolar disorder. This mood disorder involves not just periods of depression, but also periods of elation, where the person's mood is significantly higher than normal. During these periods, he/she may have excessive energy with little need for sleep, may have grandiose ideas and may engage in risk-taking behavior.

If one suspects he is suffering from depression one must seek an immediate help from a doctor or a mental health professional to get a correct diagnosis. There are a number of treatments for depression, depending on the cause and severity of symptoms and a professional is best placed to decide which, if any, treatment is most appropriate. Accessing reliable information is also vital.

Paradetect offers free information pack, email to request one.

Sharing concerns with a trustworthy who understands can also be a help: Paradetect Online Support is available on website or you can email us for support at

Main Types of Depression

Mild depression: Listlessness or tiredness, hesitance in early morning wakening, indecision, impaired concentration and loss of confidence. It is worth mentioning to note here that the person will not necessarily feel depressed.

Moderate depression: Most of the eight above mentioned symptoms are present: the person feels depressed, is extremely fatigued, has marked sleep disturbance and obvious to others to be depressed.

Severe depression: In addition to the symptoms of moderate depression, the person's judgment is impaired in a severe depression having an extremely negative and pessimistic view of their own self-worth and future prospects. Strong suicidal thoughts (or intent) will also be present.

A victim of a severe depressive episode may have delusions or false beliefs (e.g. that they are evil, wicked, bankrupt or terminally ill) or may suffer from hallucinations (hearing voices or having visions) with similar themes. When delusions or hallucinations are present, the depression is referred to as a psychotic depression. Such depressions are an extreme extension of the negative thinking that is part of a mild or moderate depression.

In the above situation which is wildly spread in the East, Middle East and Africa where social security lacks, such victims usually relate such symptoms to evil, be it demons or jinn interference or a curse and abandonment.

Paradetect is focusing a great deal of its effort in observing such cases and its associated claims, and acknowledges that there is a noticeable disturbed energy field that is usually associated with moderate and severe depression cases.

Example: an aura of a depressed individual tends to show a sharp red on the monitor when using aura imaging techniques, and some negative vibration emitting from such individuals is also sensed...

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder involves both depressive periods and their opposite, which are known as elations or manic periods. Symptoms of the depressed phase are the same as those of unipolar depression described above:

Feeling sad, anxious or bored

Low energy, feeling tired or fatigued

Under- or over-sleeping, or waking frequently during the night

Poor concentration, thinking slowed down

Loss of interest in hobbies, family or social life

Low self-esteem and feelings of guilt

Aches and pains with no physical basis, e.g. chest/head/tummy pain associated with anxiety or stress

Loss of interest in living, thinking about death, suicidal thoughts

If five or more of the symptoms above are present for a period of two weeks or more, it is most likely a depressive episode and you should talk to a medical professional.


The symptoms of elation (mania) are:

Feeling elated, enthusiastic, excited, angry, irritable or depressed

Increased energy, 'never felt as well', over-talkative or over-active

Reduced need for sleep and marked difficulty in getting off to sleep

Racing thoughts, 'pressure in the head', indecision, jumping from one topic to another, poor concentration

Increased interest in pleasurable activities, new adventures, sex, alcohol, street drugs, religion, music or art

Excessive and unrealistic belief in one's ability, or having grandiose plans

Being unaware of the physical symptoms of illness such as asthma, having muscle tension at the back of the head or round the shoulders

Thinking that one can live forever, taking reckless physical risks or, if angry or distressed, feeling suicidal.

If five or more of these symptoms are present for more than two weeks, it may be a manic episode, and it is advisable to seek professional medical advice.


According to the National Mental Health Association:

If you have experienced five or more of these depression symptoms within the same two week period--especially if a depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure is among your symptoms--this could be indicative of an episode of depression. The symptoms should not be accounted for by another illness, drugs of abuse or prescription medications.

By answering the questions below you will find out whether you are experiencing depression.

If any five out of the below are answered with yes, then you need to rethink your options by seeking assistance, for you may be suffering from clinical depression.

Q: Do you feel sad or irritable?

Q: Have you lost interest in activities once enjoyed?

Q: Have you experienced changes in weight or appetite?

Q: Have you experienced changes in sleeping pattern?

Q: Do you have feelings of guilt?

Q: Are you unable to concentrate, remember things, or make decisions?

Q: Have you experienced fatigue or loss of energy?

Q: Have you experienced restlessness or decreased activity noticed by others?

Q: Do you feel hopeless, or worthless?

Wish you the best of health


Holistic Healing

What is holistic healing, how does it work, does it really heal; The best word to start this article with is, Faith. We will talk about Faith later, but now let us begin answering some of the most lingering questions that faced man.

Questions such as, sickness and can it be really overcome, can it be subdued.

Having mentioned that, this will lead us to another question how and with what.

And the answer would be energy.

It is all about energy, energy generated from within. The tool to generate such energy is faith, faith makes miracles. Miracles are not explained by science; or at least by solid science.

The principle of generating such energy is mind over matter. Harnessing such energy comes from within us. But then again, it also comes from all around us, what we eat, how we live, and how we behave; all of it influences our force and the type of energy we generate.

There are three types of energy, and by now I got you really wondering about the third, since you will most certainly have guessed the first two, which is positive and negative.  Well, the third type is neutral. Yes, neutral is as much a force as positive and negative. In fact, without neutrality positive and negative forces would probably clash bringing havoc to our surroundings and to the intermediate universe we associate with.

Without neutrality nothing ever would be achieved, for neutral is what keeps order in the flow of energy, be it our self-generated energy or the outer energy with all of its vastness and diversity.

Our energy consists of two natures, one is electromagnetic waves and the other is plasmatic vibration.

All of our senses are involved in the process of generating, regenerating and cleansing our energy. Our Aura colors are an indicative of the status of our energy in its mental and physical posture.

Training our senses is the first step towards generating energy, we pick up both of the negative and the positive while we rejuvenate, and only with intensive training we are able to master the technique of neutralizing it. Techniques: audio/visual, touching, and intuition (ESP) in addition to smell and taste.

I personally scan the body of an ill person to check heat variation and bodily pressure this would help me determine which part is lacking in normal performance.  My next step would be to pause in a snap meditation mode, focus my energy within the mid of my palm and carry on the healing process.

There are several ways to direct energy that comes out of your palm.

And there is another method used which is pulling out instead of feeding in energy.

Sometimes a patient may need the healer to pull out his illness. That is possible, though not always successful. After the dragging out process is done the healer will attempt to discharge the illness into the ground, most preferably soil. However, water is quite adequate incase of no access to soil.

Not all illnesses can be cured, however faith from both the healer and the one needs healing is required to make the process successful in most cases.

If the healer is a true master, he does not need faith from the patient, he can simply perform with his own faith, which will have a sacred geometrical effect on the bodily fluid and energy of the patient forcing out abnormalities and assisting partial or total recovery.

Several sessions maybe needed to reach recovery.

More will be said about our holistic healing methods in future articles.

We wish you best of health

Adam El Masri



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