Return of a Celebrity

Am youja’ni Watani (my homeland is aching)... George Farah decided to return to the stage of stardom.

A talented celebrity decided to return to the stage with an awesome video clip carrying a message to his fans, a message full of meaningful and profound grief and sorrow over what Lebanon is going through from deprivation and hardship…

George chose paradetect to convey his aspiration for a better Lebanon hoping that his fans will support him to reach and make a difference in the ancient land of legends and myth Phoenicia land of the phoenix bird which rises from ashes back to the world of the living.

Welcome back George Farah and paradetect will not hesitate to support carry your message on the wings of the phoenix to reach across boundaries and borders of nationalities and races so that deaf ears may hear that humanity is more than rhetoric, humanity is a behavior and an attitude and a message to be taught to generations to come…

Support George Farah and spread his video clip on your social media and let’s make the difference for better future.

George Farah will be performing at Kobayat Festivals on the 16th of August along with the Diva Haifa Wehbe, Hoping to see you all.

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#1 RE: Return of a Celebrityadam 2014-07-10 22:00
Great news, congratulation and good luck from the paradetect team
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