Ghost Hunt

Paradetect received a call from one of our followers in Tripoli Lebanon informing us about a suspected location of paranormal activities since ages without being investigated.

Abu Zafir, told paradetect staff about an ancient building originally an Othman prison known by the name of The Karacon located in the bush and traced back to several hundred years when the Othman empire was still governing Lebanon.

The infamous Karacon was known to have been a prison of torture and torment for those caught conspiring against the interests of the Othman Empire.

People spoke of its legend and how tens of mass graves are still buried under ground undisturbed except by wondering bird hunters, shepherds or horsemen passing by and sometimes resting on the premises.

Eyewitnesses spoke of frequent paranormal activities occurring after sunset all year around especially during cold nights. Activities such as falling plates off shelves, a woman picking Jasmine being grabbed by the hand and pulled towards a fence causing her facial and body injuries voices and cries of pain coming from inside the torture chamber, horses out of control and disappearing guard dogs…

Paradetect is currently preparing the preliminary research and some ground work and permits prior to summoning our para detectives to initiate the first investigation of the Karacon and we will keep our followers updated with the outcome.

The information we received succeeded in drawing our attention and we are already interested to pursue the investigation of the Karacon and we promise to share with our followers the updates once we embark upon this new paranormal adventure.

What will we find in the Karacon, will there be ghosts or spirits of the tormented dead stuck in limbo between the world of the living and the underworld of the dead! That needs to wait till we begin our investigation…


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