Chaos on our Roads

The chaos on roads in major Lebanese cities makes the community wonder where the government is, why the municipalities are out of sight,

and where is the traffic police to enforce law and order…

Ironically this is a privilege Lebanese can’t and do not deserve yet.

Social media and local TV channels do not even bother to chase this chaos of parking in the middle of a one way narrow road or driving through in an opposite direction without being bothered, motorcycles running left and right up and down some times hitting bystanders or waking by crossing roads adventurers, it’s become a daily risk mishap to walk on our streets.

Is this the responsibility of politicians or is it strictly a responsibility falling upon the non-existing role of the appropriate authorities, perhaps the responsibility falls first and foremost upon the citizen who breaks every driving rule in the book regardless of the damage one causes upon the safety and security of our streets.

The snap shot are taken in one of the few major cities in Lebanon, some of which are near a municipality imagine the rest…

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