21st Century Lebanon

Dark Ages… Politicians are threatening total blackout in Lebanon due in October… 30 billion dollars were wasted on Lebanon electricity sector since mid-1970s,

Thirty Billion Dollars is enough to build seven to eight nuclear powered electricity plants in Lebanon…

Where is our electricity, where is our thirty billion dollars, money ripped off Lebanese empty and bankrupt pocket.

A conspiracy is in the making!

Israel may be behind this electricity conspiracy!

Maybe the United States is also one of the international participants in this heinous crime against Lebanon the land of Milk and Honey!

Maybe the whole of the western world is involved in the conspiracy, heck, probably NASA

Is behind all of this, since NASA is planning to move to Mars in 1930s they probably decided to steal Lebanon electricity to light up Mars hmmm, what a plan!!!

Well Lebanese citizens are not worried about this blackout because the Phoenician DNA of Lebanese minds is probably preparing to implement plan B for 21st century Lebanon that is to launch a unique Tour that takes you back to the dark ages to experience how primitive dwellers of Lebanese shores used to manage without electricity or filtered water or internet or anything that reminds the Lebanese of their humanity in the 21st ISIS Middle East.

Nice, it is rather appealing and very encouraging, this one of its kind tour will be almost impossible to resist.

Now one may fathom why Lebanese Parliament failed to elect a Lebanese President yet…

I bet spirituality will flourish during the promised and long awaited total blackout in the Lebanon.

A crime free era is coming towards the Lebanese…

Enjoy your progress Lebanon

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