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As I was in a friendly gathering with friends chitchatting and exchanging Happy Eid Al-Fitr wishes one of our friends showed a photo on his phone

informing me that it was taken few days earlier few kilometer away from where I was, somewhere near an army barracks in the northern city of Tripoli in Lebanon, the friend continued informing me that this weird creature was seen near the barracks and the soldiers shot at it hit it but it did not die so one of them jumped into one of the army humpies and drove over it.

This is the second time such weird event happens in north of Lebanon the first one also involved a weird giant snake which was also killed by driven over it with a tractor after failing to shoot it.

It is weird indeed, yet killing such phenomena does not help science or bring more security to people (read Mythical Creatures & Paranormal Size ).

It is another outcry from the para community and a plea to everybody to be more responsible and try to catch such weird animal alive so that science can study it and research its specie and origin.

It is a shame that another opportunity was lost.

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