International Scholarships - 7 Feb 2016

PhD studentship on active nano-optomechanics, Eindhoven University of Technology

Two PhD positions on Process Mining in Logistics, Eindhoven University of Technology

PhD student position in Mathematical statistics, Chalmers, Sweden

PhD student position in Chemistry, Sweden

Open PhD Position in Data Mining, data analytics group at the University of Mannheim, Germany

OWSD Scholarships 2016 for female students from Sub-Saharan Africa or Least Developed Countries

85 Scholarships offered by the Romanian State to foreign citizens, Romania

Two PhD scholarships on scalable data intensive systems are available at UTS Australia

12 fully funded PhD student positions, Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research, Germany

Funding Opportunities for Doctoral Studies in Cloud Computing, UNIVERSITY OF INNSBRUCK, AUSTRIA

PHD POSITIONS IN PARALLELIZING COMPILERS FOR EXTREME SCALE HPC, Institute of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck, Austria

PhD Positions in Opportunistic Communications for 5G Networks (Opportunistic Architectures Lab), IMDEA

PhD Position in Networking, localization and passive sensing in High-Frequency and Visible-Light Communications Networks, IMDEA

PhD Position in Software Networks (SDN and NFV), IMDEA

PhD Position in Visible Light Communication and Sensing Systems, IMDEA

PhD Position in Localization for Flexible 5G Networks, IMDEA

PhD Position in Software Defined Networking, IMDEA


PhD in Plant Pathology in the Plant Pathology group at the ETH Zurich

PhD studentships on the ERC project Skye: A programming language bridging theory and practice for scientific data curation , University of Edinburgh

Postdoctoral position on graph databases and provenance management, University of Edinburgh

PhD positions Computer Networks: SDN in data centers, anticipatory systems, participatory systems, Paderborn University, Paderborn, Germany

PhD Position in the Field of Paleo-Ice Sheet Modelling, Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology (VAW)

Doctoral studentship in Journalism, media and communication, Gothenburg

6-8 Doctoral studentships in Economics, Department of Economics, Gothenburg

Two PhD Positions in European Research, The Centre for European Research at the University of Gothenburg (CERGU)

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