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Auraiel  XWrinkle Gel

Free Auraiel Xwrinkle Soap with every purchase of two Auraiel Gels is now available.


Auraiel XWrinkle Gel is unlike other anti-aging Gel that exists in the market, Auriel Gel is organic chemecial free all natural anti-aging formula made from first grade therapeutic essential oils that helps restore skin vitality and elasticity while ridding it from ugly pores and pimples along with aging wrinkles.

It dissolves makeup and improve skin texture due to the characteristics of the essential oils it contains, Auraiel Gel detoxify the skin and cleanses it.

It may be used once or twice a day and as all essential oils one needs to try it on and make sure her type of skin is not sensitive to essential oils. (Essential oils can cause mild irritation to sensitive skin types…)

Massage the Auraile Gel gently on the desired skin, keep away from Eyes and eye lid, leave for ten to fifteen minutes and remove with warm water. It can be kept for an hour or two if you stay indoors unless you desire to have a sun tan…

Auraiel XFat Gel

Lose weight with Auraiel XFat formula

Is developed specifically to rid your skin of unwanted fat and varicose veins cellulites.

XFat also gives a wonderful and unique suntan and keeps the skin smooth as a baby skin.

Simply massage the XFat Gel on the targeted skin area and leave it to do its magic, if massaged appropriately you will notice effect and the change in your skin in a week or two.
XFat Gel carry’s an unforgettable anti-depressant fragrance that helps you rejuvenate and aspire you to start a new and fresh day…

Because XFat Gel is chemical free essential oils based Gel you need to test it on your skin for any mild irritation.

Hundreds of people used Auraiel Xwrinkle and XFat formulas and all agrees that Auraiel formulas deliver what it claims.

For purchasing contact us at info@paradetect.com

Price: 35 USD

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