Nice Kosher Massacre

Insane terrorism is the right description for such an evil act which is repetition to previous similar attacks hitting all over the world, in Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the USA regardless of faith and race and with no identity.

Branding  such terror with Islamic label is not only totally wrong and very provocative to two billion Muslims around the world but it rationalize and legitimize this madness to deranged mind criminals waiting to acclaim the divinity of holy worrier title and enforcers of justice whether its revenge against racial discrimination , religious profiling  or any social inequality  for that matter.

The is no accuracy in radicalizing any religion or faith it would be more appropriate for international media to stop their propaganda and begin using proper wording to describe events free from specific agendas…
There are radical individuals everywhere regardless of faith or race.

Calling Nice massacre a Kosher Massacre does not make it a Jewish massacre and labeling terrorist  with Islam when its committed by a lunatic from Muslim background which is totally different from Islamic background service no other purpose than motivating and inciting mad people to adopt it to get back to any social injustice they may be victims to….

This so called Islamic Terrorism hit the heart of Islam in Medina near the Prophet Muhammad resting place last month few days later a non-Muslim African American X military spread several policemen with deadly fires in Dallas but the media labeled him as an African American and this has to stop to prevent further deterioration of social ethics around the world.

It is much easier and more comprehensive to simply describe such individuals the way they are as criminals  or mentally unstable or whatever more appropriate labeling they see fit without attempting to nail such crime to any fight or face…

We need to work together to change this sick trend of international media and to do we need to work together, please like this article and help circulating it on your social media to make it read and heard of around the world, maybe it will put some sense into the minds and usher to a new more proper news broadcasting concept around the world.

Adam El Masri

Our valuable member Administrator has been with us since Mon,23 February 2009.

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