Auraiel really Heals

Auraiel Brand was developed by Paradetect for the sole purpose of healing. Auraiel adopts a new concept in cosmetics by emphasizing on healing the organic and natural way reviving the old traditions while applying the Paradetect concept of merging the old with the new…

Auraiel was launched to complement our Ascent Para Technique Energy Healing Method which is proving its effectiveness more than ever. Hundreds of people tried our energy Para-technique healing and tens of individuals taken our Ascent crash course in self-improvement and energy generation, we gladly convey the total satisfaction for all of those who tried us.

Our Auraiel products and our Para Techniques helped in healing tens of ailments from skin care to weight loss to much more serious issues (read Cases Healed) and addressing such challenging ailments has become our target and motto…

Everyone is invited to try our Auraiel Heal and Energy Para Technique concept

Ascent Crash Course
Auraiel Product
Auraiel Soap types and fregrances

Auraiel beauty bar category:
1-    X wrinkle original  (Rosemary, Rose, Jasmine)                                 35$
2-    Herbal fusion       (Lavender, Rose, Jasmine)                                  35$
3-    Herbal magic       (Lavender, Chamomile, Jasmine)                          35$
4-    Aruaiel classic      (Lavender, Chamomile, Jasmine, Musk, Violet)        35$
5-    Auraiel Gold         with Gold Powder                                             35$

Auraiel Ordinary soap:

Also handmade, cold processed olive oil based the price per unit is 3$

In addition to any custom made order of 1000 soap bar minimum order. All Auraiel soaps are organic, handmade cold process to preserve its herbal healing characteristics.

Auraiel Gel types
1-    Xwrinkle Gel classic    35$
2-    Xfat and Cellulite       35$

Auraiel Oils types
1-    Xwrinkle Oil                           69$
2-    Xfat and Cellulite Oil               69$
3-    Hair care Auraiel Hair Tonic      35$

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Or our Liaison:  The Wellness Center, Le Solarium Building, Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. tel. +97143886836

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