The Orbs Phenomena

One of our members sent us this collection of pictures taken outside her house in Quebec - Canada, where orbs are often sited due to the cold weather.

Please help us investigate these orbs by studying the pictures and send us your comments thru our Contact Us. We invite all of you to participate.



It was July 2008 I moved into my newly bought house with little knowledge of its surroundings or its previous tenants. The very first night we moved in, at around 12 midnight, my kids heard suspicious noises on the stairs" wood cracking" as if someone was walking on the hardwood floor, but they were all alone.

Few months later around mid October, I noticed the garage light outside it wasn't on like usual because it works by sensor... I thought the cause is definitely the dead bulb... My husband bought a new one and replaced the old bulb but it didn't work... so we disregarded it for the time being because we had many other things to be concerned about at the moment...
One night my husband woke up around dawn time to see clearly a ghost man  that was wearing like a black long dress with a hoody ( priest like ) cloth, the ghost looked at him right in the eye, staring, then went into our closet and disappeared as if it was a door to another dimension.

Many months went by and we didn't notice any ghostly activities, till 2 months ago when my sleeping husband suddenly woke up finding himself face to face with the same weird creature (the ghost) again, but this time my husband saw his face clearly... the ghost had only one eye in the middle of his face which he used to send illusion to my husband who tried hard to run away from this situation by closing his eyes with no success... the ghost came this time with a mission in mind! My husband became fully paralyzed and the only thing he was hearing is noise like a vacuum machine and he felt like air was pressing and pushing to enter his body. Luckily my husband started calling the name of Allah when everything went back to normal after battling for about 5 minutes with this ghost who by the way disappeared into the closet same as the first time...

Since winter is almost here, my husband decided to fix everything in our house including the garage bulb and 2 little lamps found in each side of the garage. Surprisingly, the technician found nothing wrong with the garage bulb it was only a little loose switch from the main electricity box! He checked all lights and everything was working properly... It was interesting to see all the outdoor lights on for the very first time since we moved in, so I decided to bring my digital camera and take few pictures. I took so many pictures and never crossed my mind anything else than seeing my house shining like a diamond...

Unfortunately that was not the case, after about 3 hours of taking these shots the electricity went off by itself again! we called the electrician who came back on the spot, he changed all wires and connected to a different fuse which can handle more voltage... few hours later around 1 am we were all surprised when the lights went off again... what a mystery, a hidden force doesn't want them on but why?? The following day while looking at the pictures I took, I found a very interesting orb above my house... then on a second picture the orb moved further to the right side... then 2 different orbs above the garage.

Look at the pictures and be the judge!

Pictures are taken by: Roula Nachabe


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