Jinn Video Capture

Only at Paradetect.com you may have a chance to have a glance at Jinn captured on video clip while in session. It is probably the first time ever that a Jinni is actually captured on video clip.

This is a very rare incident we aim to make available to public for scientific research. Video Clip Free Download

It is highly recommended to read our article About Jinn before you thoroughly examine the snap shots taken of aliens or Jinn during a spiritual session conducted for the sole purpose of scientific investigation of such phenomena.

Paradetect team posted this article on our website and forum and deliberately left it free of any comments for all this time so that we may test the public awareness and interest in this puzzling phenomenon which attracted skeptics for centuries untold during an argumentative past reaching no definite conclusion due to the sensitive nature of this subject.

We invite scientists interested in researching this subject to join us in investigating this video capture and the snap shots displayed in our media section which is absolutely genuine and authentic, and pause as a tangible evidence of alien presence within another parallel dimension.

The video clip might not be so clear for an untrained eyes if watched ignorantly, however, the snap shots and slow motion replay will clearly show the shadowy figures that we are attempting to reveal to the public.

It is plausible scientific evidence beyond the slightest doubt. Not only it reveals the presence of the shadowy figures, but it clearly indicates the existence of another dimension parallel to ours and shows how the shadowy figures emerged out of the void of emptiness into our dimension and communicated with the female medium and aided her during a session held in north Lebanon in early 2009.

Paradetect team sincerely hope that this video capture is taken more seriously by scientists and armatures alike,

We invite everybody to study and investigate the video and snap shots and share with us your findings on our forum.

For further information related to this article contact us on info@paradetect.com


Paradetect Research Team

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#3 helloOmar 2015-09-05 21:11
Well done for the video ,I am Omar from Ghana buh I want to ask a question ,Do They use a red mercury to get that jinn or how do they get him.and they must prolong the video and make it vivid.
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#2 helloOmar 2015-09-05 21:07
I am Omar, from Ghana at west Africa,and I want ask them that,do they use a red mercury to get that jinn or how do they get him..and they should prolong the video too coz is not vivid.thank .
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+1 #1 RE: Jinn Video CaptureAli 2011-08-31 10:28

Thank you for uploading this video and for your efforts in the area of paranormal activities.
I am a muslim by faith, we strongly without any doubt believe that jinn do exist. People from different faiths have their belief accordingly.
As per the Muslim belief, Jinns are made up of a smokeless fire, they are shapeshifters, they are living in the same world,among us, they sleep, eat, drink, dress, work, study and every thing we can imagine, because they are only made up of a different material (Fire) otherwise they are one of those creatures who are created with a nature like human...i think your video can be true...because i made a test based on your video...and it some how tells me your video can be a authentic....i am very much interested to work with a team like yours...if you ever need a candidate for your team...please let me know...it would be a great opportunity for me...
Best Regards
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