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At paradetect.com we offer many services and facilities.

Our trade and commerce department deals with all sorts of projects which spread all over the globe.

We are agents and currently marketing the LYDA ATV and motorcycle in the Middle East and we are seeking distributors to immediately start submitting their applications including a summary of their commercial background and the region they seek to distribute the LYDA within.

We are the agent for the WINAURA products for The LEBANON and marketing this product throughout the Middle East as well.

We publish and distribute books. Our first published is the book of SAKATA BABEL, a comparative study covering the end of days prophecies in ancient and current beliefs and religions written by A. El masri. THE WHALE SCOUTS SUMMER VACATION an adventure written by a twelve year old young author Marmarah El masri, BOOM English grammar guide,  Written by Mark Graham. And we have more coming your way soon.

We are buyers for jet fuel, D2 and other petrochemical related products.

Development: we are currently working on developing a one of its kind spiritual and meditation resort in Indonesia and the Middle East.

And there is lot more to come.

Investors are needed in many projects and in several regions, mainly Indonesia and the Middle East.

For those interested in participating or contributing to any of our activities you may contact us at info@paradetect.com for further details and information.

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