Paradetect Spiritual Center Investment

Safe, innovative, yet adventurous:

Paradetect is soon to open a great investment opportunity to all of its members.

This opportunity is to invest in Paradetect first Spiritual Center (PSC), which will be located in the north Lebanon lush and green mountains.

Activities of the center will be:

Research in spirituality

Teaching meditation

Holistic healing

Alternative medicine

Investigating paranormal occurrences

The plan is to build a moderate and nature friendly spiritual center on 25 000 square meter of land within exotic trees, plants and a unique scenery.

Our members are invited to participate in the formation of this center from its initial phase to the end.

We would love to hear from all of our members their suggestions, comments and innovative ideas regarding the whole project, be it the design: three buildings, each would approximately be 1000 square meters, and only two floors.

Materials used: would preferably be of wood, bricks (green or blue), marbles/granite, (white, green and blue).

Architects and interior designers are invited to contribute their concepts to us, those who get their designs final approval for implementation, will have their names engraved on the foundation stone of the center and will be invited for the opening and will enjoy free posting and advertising on our website for their work and services, as well as, benefit from the center’s services free of charge as a token to their contribution.

Nature of investment in this project will be shareholding, which will be calculated based upon the value of land when purchased and erected building upon final phase. That is why it is a very safe investment.

Innovative: this is a new kind of investment in the whole region and we believe it is the first of its kind. We also hope to spread this concept all over the area we operate within…

Adventurous: well, need we comment…

Members interested to invest, contribute or participate in this project are invited to send their inquiries on


Paradetect Team

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#1 Adam El Masri 2011-01-06 02:33
paradetect is preparing for an E-seminar in 2011, so for all of you out there, keep a watch on the related announcement to come and make sure to get ready to join in this e gathering event to introduce as many as of our members to the community and its activities and services.
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