Spiritual & Social Consultancy

As we journey throughout life we accumulate negative energies, influences or experiences which cloud our thoughts, decisions and perceptions.

This negative "ache" (life force) affects every aspect of our lives and often prevents us from feeling safe, balanced, positive, agreeable, calm and peaceful.

At Paradetect we provide spiritual services of the following:

Aura Cleansing

Holistic / Energy Healing

Meditation Courses and Techniques

Aura Reading and Analysis

Depression Treatment

Paranoia Treatment

Panic attacks Treatment

For appointments (face to face / online chat / phone), send us your inquiry at info@paradetect.com

I understand that I am registering for instruction in a consultancy which may involve physical, emotional, spiritual, and/or psychological activity and that in case of such an undertaking there is always a risk involved. I understand that in a group setting "Energy healing courses and sessions) the instructor cannot always monitor my physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological limits, and that I am therefore responsible for assessing the risk any activity poses to me, and choosing a safe course of action for myself. I agree to assume the risk and responsibility for any damages suffered by me arising out of my participation in any sessions, courses and consultancies.

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Aura cleansing Paranoia treatment
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The primary purpose of Paradetect is to provide access (by means of training and consultation) to individuals and motivate them to improve their personal and professional performance, adapt with their work environment and self improve their life style.

We offer a unique opportunity to develop and build upon personal skills and experience with hands-on client consulting, research, analysis, and fact finding in personal and work environment. The primary role of the Associate is to manage, coup and self improve daily life demands and pressures that generates from it.

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