Thoth the Atlantean Expedition

This expedition will take place in 2015, aimed at locating what was hidden by Thoth the Atlantean underneath his pyramid in Giza, Egypt...

Yes, we are serious, and yes we are working hard to make dreams come true by introducing a new concept of tourism and lavish money spending. We would like to play a positive part in re-educating the public to a new way of living. Help us help you to find the truth locked up in space-time between what is above and what is below, so that you and we can help bring order and harmony to our world and shed a beacon of light on an already darkened corner of our human history!


Our intention is to introduce a new concept of tourism to the public.

Something new and useful!

Those interested in participating in this expedition need to contact us at for further details. You must register as a member with us and send us your CV, and how you may wish to participate in this quest.

You need to submit your request to join the expedition and send us your personal resume, your health status three months prior to schedule.

Once the date and time are set, we will notify the approved applicants and ask them to make a down-payment of 25 % in commitment.

Notification will be forwarded within two months prior to launching.

Applications will be studied case by case and priorities will be given to early contributors and most qualified participant based upon their merits and quality of participation.

A limited number of participants will be allowed to join on this expedition.

Criteria for the following grouping:

Two medical students

Two anthropologists

Two archeologists

One historian


Researchers / explorers



Paradetect will pre-solicit and arrange all needed mobilization and permits.

Participants: not less than fifteen and not more than sixty.

Feel free to contact us at for any further clarification.

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did the expedition go well?
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