Paranormal Investigation Guide

More and more people are wanting to do their own paranormal investigating. The popularity of shows such as "Ghost Hunters" has everyone wanting to find their own proof of the paranormal.

If one is seriously wanting to investigate a haunting, there are several things that are important to know... and many misconceptions that need to be clarified.

First and foremost, if you are expecting the drama that many ghost hunting shows portray - pack it in now. Paranormal investigation is a process of research, documentation, recording, videotaping, and hours upon hours of examining photographs and evidence. There will also be hours of listening to tapes for EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) studying temperature changes, monitoring EMF meters (Electromagnetic field), and gathering all of the evidence to be examined. Then all natural explanations for any apparent activity captured must be ruled out.

If you are planning on investigating with a group of people it is preferable to go with people you know and trust. However, if you are going to interview for positions outside of who you know, make sure you ask tough questions to eliminate anyone who is looking for a thrill or who isn't serious about it. ask the same question in different ways and listen for the answers and any variations. Do criminal background checks as well.

Rule Out Natural Causes

Whatever can be ruled out initially as natural causes needs to be done first and foremost. If it is a private residence that is still is use, check for faulty wiring and possible plumbing issues. Old water pipes can make very unusual noises, which are noticed more at night when the house is quiet. Bad wiring can cause power surges, creating an electrical "fear cage" areas of such concentrated electricity that it can be felt and experienced as fear, physical illness, and paranoia. This can also be caused by living near a large source of electricity such as a power station. Houses are also hotbeds for mold and other toxic substances (such as carbon monoxide leaking) which can cause hallucinations and strange "feelings" or unexplained illness. Any environmental toxins of the area in general would need to be investigated as well.

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