Basic Equipments for PI

Video Camera with Night Vision:

Sony would be the affordable top in the field here... of course the more complex, the more expensive the camera will be.

DVR's will have the advantage of being able to have multiple cameras being used at once, as well as being able to control the settings and speed. IR (infra red) illuminators are especially helpful for recording at night by using LED's (light emitting diodes) to conduct the light so the images can be easily seen. Flir cameras, although extremely expensive, are ideal for capturing thermal images (the heat produced by energy). However, at nearly $30,000, there aren't many teams who have these yet.


Digital Camera:

Digital Camera with minimum picture storage of 300: Again, Sony would be the most widely used and recommended. Make sure the speed and the flash are on the correct settings, as the wrong ones will cause anomalies in the photograph. Having the camera set on manual will allow you to prevent camera shutters from being open longer than necessary, and give you more control with the focus. SLR (single lens reflex) cameras allow you to set the aperture to let the maximum amount of light into the camera lens when the lighting in the room is dim. Shutter speeds should start at about 1/60seconds, which are ideal in dim lighting with ISO's (which measures the sensitivity of the image sensor) set between 400-800.

Digital Recorder for Audio:

(To listen for Electronic Voice Phenomenon “EVP”): Sony wins again with affordability and clarity. You will want the recorder placed in an open area to pick up any voices that could have an unknown source. In listening for EVP's, make sure that all natural sounds are noted, and that each person hears the recording without knowing what the others heard. The recording should not be altered in any way, however you can slow down for clarity. Class A EVP's are when it can be distinctly heard with no extra clarification. Class B's can be heard with some sharpening... and Class C's are unintelligible sounds.

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter:

Trifield EMF Meter

The Trifield meter is ideal for this. It has the advantage of being able to detect fields from electricity, magnetic, and microwave emissions. It is actually preferable to some of the more expensive ones, as it can be purchased for under $200.00. Another meter, which is only slightly more expensive and has a temperature sensor as well, is the Mel-KII Hybrid meter. Before using it in an investigation, become familiar with how it works. EMF meters were intended for finding man-made sources of electricity, which is what needs to be ruled out first. Readings from natural sources of electricity don't often rise and fall as man-made ones do.

Data loggers:

Laser Thermometers

This is becoming more popular in the field of paranormal evidence and storing of data. They can store the data collected immediately so it can be downloaded on the computer at a later time. Since they work independently of the computer while collecting the data, they are extremely convenient. Omega is a good brand and works well with most signals such as temperature and sound.

For gauging temperature changes: It is often thought that when a spirit is present, a particular room or area will have "cold spots". Keeping a thermometer available will measure any temperature changes that in turn, will be compared with any other evidence.

Miscellaneous Items:

Other miscellaneous items that would be needed are flashlights, batteries, (plenty of spares), notepads (for taking notes during the investigation) and a first aid kit for any emergency medical issues.

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