Tips for Paranormal Investigators

Assign Tasks... Give everyone that is with you a different task. One should be taking notes, another should be monitoring the DVR, with another taking the pictures with the digital camera.

Any equipment such as data loggers, EMF meters, thermometers, etc. should have constant monitoring for changes, especially if no data loggers are being used.


Some teams will use a psychic... if this is done, it is better that any information obtained is backed up by research of the place's history. The psychic should know as little about the place as possible, to see what is felt without suggestion.

Video Recorder

When setting up your video recorder, make sure it is firmly on a tripod (if one is being used) and that the night vision is enabled. Make sure there is no one smoking and that everyone participating remains still. During the recording, it is a good idea to snap several pictures, making sure that the straps and other attachments are removed from the camera. Be sure you are using the flash if it is at night, and that the photographer's hair is completely pulled back and out of the way as not to interfere with the image produced. Take several pictures of the same area for later comparison.


When recording for EVP's, be sure that the digital recorder is completely charged and is placed in an area where nothing else is around.

Make an announcement at the beginning of the recording telling who is there and a brief summary of what is going on. Begin asking a few questions such as "Is anyone here?" or "will you allow us to talk with you?" in a clear, loud voice.

Announce any noise that has a natural cause (such as a cough or a car going by).

Feel free to ask questions, just remember to leave plenty of time between each one to give anything that might be there a chance to respond. Make sure everyone is as completely quiet as possible.


Orb in Cemetery

Pareidolia (Matrixing)

Many photographs that can appear paranormal actually are nothing more than pareidolia (also known as matrixing). This is when a nondescript object seems to appear as something specific. It is the mind looking for something familiar.


If any "orbs" are captured... there's a 99% chance that it is dust on the lens or some kind of moisture. This is the main reason it is so important to make sure the equipment is clean. Even so, if there is dust in the area being investigated, those little spheres that show up in a picture are most likely cured by a good vacuuming of the area! So always keep these things in mind when looking over photographs. Eliminate any possible causes for drafts that would change the temperature of the room, as well as any source of power that would change EMF readings.

When all of the evidence has been gone over and if you feel you have captured something... then would come the time for it to be looked at by a knowledgeable and reputable source in examining paranormal evidence. Be sure all pictures are originals, so that the exif information is included. Exif information tells everything about the camera when the picture was taken. If the camera had any faulty settings or long exposures, it would be able to be seen with this information.


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